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Printed by Canon
Jun. 2009 Rev. 01



Service Manual

Canon Inc. Japan
Copyright(C) Canon Inc. Medical Technical Service Dept. All rights reserved.
Manual Control No. : BY8-2289-0E2
Name of Product : CXDI-55G/55C
Distribution Control No.
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Service Manual Introduction
This service manual belongs to a series of after-service guides Canon Inc. publishes as part of
its comprehensive product quality guarantee program.

This service manual consists of nine chapters; "General", "Installation Manual", "Functions",
"Repair Guide", "Parts Catalog", "Troubleshooting", "Service Manual Report", "Tools" and
"Appendix". It describes an overview of the product, its functions, product configuration,
installation procedures, dimensions, specifications, and notes.

If the product undergoes a large modification, a revised edition of the service manual will be
sent to you. In other cases, a service manual report will be sent to you to update the manual.

Note 1:

This service manual is published by Canon Inc. in accordance with Article 6 (Furnishing
the Referring Materials) of the Service Assignment Contract it has concluded with your

Note 2:

This service manual is the property of Canon Inc. and the company may seek to have it
returned, depending on the circumstances. You are expected to keep it until then.

Note 3:

You inquiries, suggestions, etc. about the contents of this service manual should be
addressed to:

Medical Equipment Technical Service Dept.
Canon Inc. Headquarters
30-2, Shimomaruko 3-chome, Ohta-ku, Tokyo 146-8501, Japan
Caution Regarding Service
This product was precisely assembled under strict manufacturing process control. There
are several hazardous locations inside of this product. Careless work while the cover is
removed can result in the pinching of fingers or electrical shock. Please perform the work
with the following important points in mind:

1. Setup, Repair, and Maintenance

In order to ensure safety, the best performance, setup, repair, and maintenance work can only
be performed by technicians who have received service training specified by Canon Inc. If
there are order required certificates or restrictions specified by the law or ordinances, those
regulations of the country must be observed.

2. Removing the external cover

When removing the cover during maintenance, repair, etc., perform the work after switching
the power off. Never touch the device with wet hands, as there is a risk of electric shock.

3. Fuse

When replacing the fuse, first resolve the reason for its failure and then replace the fuse with
the specified type. Never use a fuse other than the specified type.

4. Connecting the grounding wire

The provided ground wire must be connected to the ground terminal indoors. Make sure that
the device is properly grounded.

5. Alternation prohibition

Never modify the medical device in any way.

6. Waste control

The service provider is responsible for the disposal of used service parts, packing material,
etc. resulting from the setup, repair, or maintenance of the medical device. However, the
customer is responsible for the disposal of the medical device. Disposal activities must
follow the regulations (especially controlled industrial waste) of the country where the
device is used.
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