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3 Alignments and Adjustments

3 Alignments and Adjustments
This section of the service manual explains how to use the DDC MANAGER JIG.
This function is needed for AD board change and program memory (IC110) change.

3-1 Required Equipment
The following equipment is necessary for adjusting the monitor:
- Computer with Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT.

3-2 Automatic Color Adjustment
To input video, use 16 gray or any pattern using black and white.
1. Select english for OSD language.
2. Press the " (Enter/Source)" key for 5 seconds.

3-3 DDC EDID Data Input
1. Input DDC EDID data when replacing AD PCB.
2. Receive/Download the proper DDC file for the model from HQ quality control department.
Install the below jig (Figure 1) and enter the data.

DDC Manager

Parallel Connector
(25P Cable)
Connect Monitor
(Signal Cable)

Figure 1.
3-4 OSD Adjustment When Replacing Panel
1. Adjust brightness and contrast to 0. Then, press the (Enter/Source) key for 5 seconds.
Service function OSD will appear on screen.
2. Press the + key to place the cursor on the panel. Press the menu key for 5 seconds.

3-5 OSD Adjustment When Replacing Lamp Only
1. Adjust brightness and contrast to 0. Then, press the exit key for 5 seconds.
Service function OSD will appear on the screen.
2. Press the + key. Select upper lamp and press the menu key for 5 seconds.
Then, select lower lamp and press the menu key for 5 seconds.

-Note : Please be sure to read the following instructions for details on service function.

3 Alignments and Adjustments

3-6 Service Function Spec.
3-6-1 How to Display Service Function OSD
1. The value for brightness and contrast should be changed to zero.
2. Within 5 seconds, press the (Enter/Source) key.
3. Service function OSD will be displayed.
-If you want to disable the service function OSD, you will have to power off.

Panel Information

Software Version

Figure 2. The example of service function OSD

The service function OSD is based on a grid of 29 columns x 12 rows.
The service function OSD consists of panel information, software version and MICOM checksum.

3-6-2 How to Control Service Function OSD
1. With the panel selected on OSD, whenever you press the right key, the base color will change to blue from
"Panel" to "Upper Lamp", "Lower Lamp".

Figure 3.

3 Alignments and Adjustments

3-6-3 How to Control Service Function OSD
-After changing the panel or lamp, you must reset service function OSD.
-The case of panel change
After changing the panel, press the menu key within 5 seconds,.
Then, panel Ch. No increases one step and the panel time information is reset to zero.
Simultaneously, other information is reset to zero (Upper/Lower lamp, Panel cycle).

Figure 4.

3-6-4 How to Control Service Function OSD
-In the case of Upper Lamp or Lower Lamp change
After changing the Upper Lamp or Lower Lamp,
1. Select the Upper Lamp or Lower Lamp
2. Press the Menu key within an 5 seconds.
Then, Ch. No and time will be reset to zero (selected item only).

Figure 5, 6.

3 Alignments and Adjustments

3-7 How to execute DDC
3-7-1 After exchange the Main PBA, confirm below items
1. PC color status check (Auto Color)
2. EDID Input (Analog and Digital)
3. Check the MCU Code
(After change MCU Code, Do Auto color )
4. Factory Reset

1) Run DDC Manager MTI-2031.
2) Select a DDC file name.
Progtam : WinDDC BY SAMSUNG ELEC.Co. [Ver:4.65.12V] --- Modify : 20050425
3) Insert into DDC Manager Port 1 (analog) and make the DDC input as for the old dual model.





1. Open file.
2. Select Port #1.
3. Select DDC file.
4. Click, "Next" Button

3 Alignments and Adjustments


5. Type in the monitor serial number and press Enter.
*Repeat this step 2 to 5 times the analog input.

3-8 How to execute MCU Code
3-8-1 Program Setting - Config Setting


2 3

1. Click Config Setting

2. Change SCL Signal at Pin Assignments

3. Set Device to Parallel

3 Alignments and Adjustments

3-8-2 Change Batch File Path and DownLoad Code




4. Open the Batch file.

5. Change the Code's Path to saved Path at your PC.

6. Save the Batch file.

7. Write Batch command
"batch batch file name.txt"

8. Click "Execute" Button

9. If command is "Successful" , Hard Power On/Off until LED is Off

- If command is "Error",

1. Hard Power Off

2. Write Command "forcesa"

3. Click "Execute" Button

4. Repeat again 7 to 9.