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BSL BULLETIN NO. 7 - - September 19, 1969

The BSL Bulletin is a nleans of distributing information about BSL to
IBMers who are using BSL. All BSL users should be receiving the
BSL Bulletin. A form for having names added to the distribution
list is provided at the back of this BSL Bulletin.

This BSL Bulletin contains information concerning:

BSL/ eleven'

The availability of BSL/12

System control blocks in BSL

BSL/ eleven'

BSL/ eleven' is a modification of the eleventh internal release of the
BSL compiler. It can be ordered from Department D76, SDD,
Poughkeepsie, New York. Programmers using BSL under CLEAR
PTM release 20 should be using BSL/ eleven'.

In addition to a change that makes BSL compatible with CLEAR PTM
release 20, BSL/ eleven' contains fixes for the following problems
that exist in BSL/ eleven.

1. An incorrect ICTL is generated if the SEQ option
specifies a sequence number that has a non-blank
in colur.nn 72.

2. The GE:NMGIN option causes the BSL compiler to
abend when the difference between the right and
left margins equals 70 and the left margin is not 1.

3. TRACE does not give correct information if the
ANNOT.ATE =1 option is used.

4. A CALL argument of the form CONSTANT VBL *
causes registers to be used improperly for the
remainder of the compilation.

Basic Systems Language/Programming Technology /SDD, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.

BSL BULLETrn NO. '7 - - September 19, 1969 Page 2

5. A CALL argument of the form STRrnG
(CONSTANT:CONSTANT) is flagged as an error.

6. Di vision is performed incorrectly when the
divisor is in register 15 from a previous

7. An assE~mbly error is produced for statements
of the form IF A = B(I) where A is BASED(PTR-
CONST.A.NT), and B is a string.

8. More than one level of factoring in a declare
statement may cause the statement to be
flagged as an error.

9. Incorrect code is generated for a reference to an
item in a based structure, followed by a
reference to an item located by a pointer in the
same structure.

10. With exactly two registers available, an
as s ignn1.ent to a variable length bas ed string
generates incorrect code.


BSL/12 is scheduled to be distributed November 26, 1969. In addition
to fixes for reported problems, BSL/ 12 will contain a number of
new features and some: object code optimizations. The new features
and optimizations will be described in a BSL Bulletin that will be
distributed with BSL/ 12.

System Control Blocks in BSL

A program has been written that will translate an assembly language
DSEC T into a BSL bas,ed structure or into a bilingual mapping
m.acro. The program, a description of what it will do, and instructions
for using it can be ordered from Department D76, Building 706, SDD,
Poughkeepsie, New York.