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Tony Hicks
The Hollies

Jan Ackerman

The Sessionette:75 Combo
Model #: SG75-112, 212, 210 & 115. From April 1981 to October 1988

First designed in 1980, the Sessionette was Session's first the solo on `Rock around the clock' and other `rock-a-billy'
transistor amplifier. It is quite small, roughly the size of a sounds. The EQ Bypass `tone' found favour with many
14" TV and is very loud at 76 watts RMS into a very efficient players and became a very strong feature of that amp.
Celestion G12K 85 100dB speaker and soon gained the
reputation of `the British Boogie' before long, but, was only The preamp was loaded with four TL072 and one TL071