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Field Engineering Education
Student Self - Study Course

DOS Maintenance Facilities

This publication is primarily intended for use by
FE customer engineers enrolled in course 50220.

IBM is grateful to the American National Standards Institute
(ANSI) for permission to reprint its definitions from the
American National Standard Vocabulary for Information
Processing, which was prepared by Subconunittee X3K5 on
Terminology and Glossary of American National Standards
Committee X3.

ANSI definitions are preceded by an asterisk. The symbol '(SCI)'
at the beginning of a defmition indicates that it has been
discussed and agreed upon at meetings of the International
Organization for Standardization Technical Conunittee
97/Subcommittee 1, and has also been approved by ANSI and
included in the American National Standard Vocabulary for
Information Processing.

Those wishing to reprint the asterisked ANSI definitions are
advised to seek permission from the American National Standards

ANSI definitions appear in this course only when called from the
glossary by the student using the "go to define" feature.

Fourth Edition (September 1973)
This is a major revision of, and makes
SR25-5640-2 obsolete.

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