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Chapter 3

Machine Disassembly and Replacement
This chapter contains step-by-step procedures on how to disassemble the notebook computer for
maintenance and troubleshooting.
To disassemble the computer, you need the following tools:
Wrist grounding strap and conductive mat for preventing electrostatic discharge
Small Philips screw driver
Philips screwdriver
Plastic flat head screw driver
NOTE: The screws for the different components vary in size. During the disassembly process, group the
screws with the corresponding components to avoid mismatch when putting back the components.
When you remove the stripe cover, please be careful not to scrape the cover.

Chapter 3 43
General Information
Before You Begin
Before proceeding with the disassembly procedure, make sure that you do the following:
1. Turn off the power to the system and all peripherals.
2. Unplug the AC adapter and all power and signal cables from the system.
3. Remove the battery pack.

44 Chapter 3
Disassembly Procedure Flowchart
The flowchart on the succeeding page gives you a graphic representation on the entire disassembly sequence
and instructs you on the components that need to be removed during servicing. For example, if you want to
remove the system board, you must first remove the keyboard, then disassemble the inside assembly frame in
that order.



Wireless LAN
H*2 Cover H*3

Middle Cover Memory
Cover Cover

ODD Module
O*1 E*1
HDD Module
I*2 L*4

LCD Module

HDD Bracket HDD
E*1(KB to U case)
E*10 (U case to L case)
F*3 (U case to L case)

RTC Battery
Lower Case Upper Case
Assembly Assembly


N*3 Touchpad
Upper Case
Main Board
Lower Case Fan

Speaker Set C*2 Touchpad
G*6 G*2 Bracket

VGA Heatsink CPU Heatsink Modem Board

ODD Module


ODD ODD Bracket

Chapter 3 45
LCD Module

4 screw caps

J*4 for 15"
J*8 for 15.4"

LCD Bezel

I*2 I*2

LCD Inverter

LCD Panel


LCD Wire
LCD LCD Brackets

Screw List
Item Description Part No.
A SCW HEX NYL I#R-40/O#4-40 L5.5 34.00015.081
B SCREW MACH WAFER M2*L4 NI 86.00059.220
C CPU SCREW M2.5*6.5 (2.7KG) 86.00C79.230
D CPU SCREW M2.5*6.5 (4.5KG) 86.00C80.230
E SCREW M2.5-6 86.9A323.6R0
F SCRW M2.5*L8(NON NYLOK) 86.9A323.8R0
G SCREW M2*3 NYLON 1JMCPC-420325 86.9A352.3R0
H SCREW 86.9A352.4R0
J SCREW M2.5X6 86.9A353.6R0
K SRW M2.5*8L B/ZN NYLOK 700 86.9A353.8R0
L SCREW M3x4(86.9A524.4R0) 86.9A524.4R0
N SCRW M2*4 WAFER NI 86.9A552.4R0
O SCRW M2.5*3 WAFER NI 86.9A553.3R0

46 Chapter 3
Removing the Battery Pack
1. Unlock the battery lock.
2. Slide the battery latch then remove the battery.

Chapter 3 47
Removing the Memory/the HDD Module/the Wireless LAN Card/the
ODD Module and the LCD Module
Removing the Memory and the HDD Module
1. Remove the three screws fastening the DIMM/HDD cover.
2. Detach the DIMM/HDD cover carefully.

3. Pop out the memory then remove it.
4. Remove four screws fastening the HDD module.
5. Pull the HDD module backwards then detach it.

Removing the Wireless LAN Card
1. Remove the two screws fastening the wireless LAN cover.
2. Then detach the wireless LAN cover.

3. Disconnect the main and the auxiliary antennae.
4. Pop out the wireless LAN card then remove it.

48 Chapter 3
Removing the ODD Module
1. Remove the screws fastening the ODD module as shown.
2. Use a flat headed screwdriver to push the ODD module outwards then remove it.

Removing the LCD Module
1. Open the notebook as the impage shows.
2. Detach the middle cover carefully as shown.

3. Remove the screw holding the keyboard.
4. Turn over the keyboard as shown.
5. Disconnect the keyboard cable then remove the keyboard.

6. Pull out the wireless LAN antenna from the main unit as shown.

Chapter 3 49
7. Take out the LCD cable from the main unit then disconnect the cable.

8. Remove two screws fastening the LCD module.
9. Remove another two screws on the bottom as shown.
10. Then detach the entire LCD module cautiously.

50 Chapter 3
Disassembling the Main Unit
Separate the Main Unit Into the Upper and the Lower Case Assembly
1. Disconnect the touchpad cable from the main board.
2. Disconnect the microphone cable then remove the microphone.

3. Remove one screw holding the upper case and the lower case assembly.
4. Then remove 13 screws on the bottom as shown.

NOTE: There are two different types of screws on the bottom side. One type is SCREW 2.5-6 (86.9A323.6R0)
and the quantity is 10. The other is SCREW M2.5*8 (NON NYLOK) (86.9A323.8R0); the quantity is 3.
Please see the image below: red circles indicate SCREW M2.5*8 (86.9A323.8R0) location. Please do
not misplace the longer screw to other location on the bottom side. The misplacement may damage the
main board.

5. Open the upper case assembly as shown.
6. After you open the upper case assembly, please disconnect the lid switch cable.
7. Raise upright the upper case assembly as shown then detach it.

Chapter 3 51
Disassembling the Upper Case Assembly
1. Disconnect the touchpad FFC.
2. Remove the three screws fastening the touchpad bracket.

3. Detach the touchpad bracket carefully.
4. Then detach the touchpad from the touchpad bracket.

Disassembling the Lower Case Assembly
1. Disconnect the bluetooth cable then remove the bluetooth module.
2. Disconnect the speaker set cable from the main board.
3. Remove two screws fastening the main board to the lower case.

4. Remove three screws fastening the fan to the lower case.

52 Chapter 3
5. Remove two hex screws holding the main board on the rear side.
6. Then take out the main board from the lower case carefully.

7. Disconnect the fan cable then remove it.
8. Disconnect the modem board cable from the main board.
9. Remove the two screws holding the modem board.

10. Disconnect the modem board from the main board then remove it.
11. Disconnect the modem cable from the modem board.
12. Remove the three screws holding the CPU heatsink.

13. Remove the CPU heatsink from the main board.
14. Use a flat headed screwdriver to release the CPU socket lock (see the picture on the middle and on the

Chapter 3 53
15. Remove the CPU from the socket carefully.
16. Remove the six screws fastening the VGA heatsink.
17. Then remove the VGA heatsink from the main board.

18. Remove the three screws fastening the speaker set.
19. Tear off the tape holding the speaker set.
20. Take out the speaker set from the lower case. This completes main unit disassembly.

54 Chapter 3
Disassembling the LCD Module
1. Remove the four screw caps as shown.
2. Remove the four screws holding the LCD bezel.
3. Then detach the LCD bezel from the LCD module.

4. Remove the two screws fastening the LCD inverter.
5. Take out the LCD inverter from the LCD cover, then disconnect the LCD cable from the inverter.
6. Disconnect the inverter cable and remove the inverter.

7. Remove two screws fastening the LCD assembly.
8. Take out the LCD assembly from Remove another screw holding the LCD bracket on the other side.
9. Remove the four screws fastening the LCD left bracket then remove it.

10. Remove the four screws fastening the LCD right bracket then remove the bracket.
11. Disconnect the LCD cable from the LCD then remove the cable.

Chapter 3 55
Disassembling the External Modules
Disassembling the HDD Module
1. Remove the two screws holding the HDD bracket on one side.
2. Remove another two screws holding the HDD bracket on the other side.
3. Then take the hard disc drive out from the HDD bracket.

56 Chapter 3