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Microsoft/3Corn LAN Manager Network Driver
Interface Specification

Version 1.0.2 Preliminary Draft

3Com Corporation
3165 Kifer Road
Santa Clara, California 95052-8145
Printed in the U.S.A.

Manual Part No. 6406-00
Published January 1989
3Com makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this material, including,- but not limited to, the
implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. 3Com shall not be liable
for errors contained herein or for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the
furnishing, performance, or use of this material.

NOIS - ii

Chapter 1: Introduction
Definition of Terms 1-1
Scope of this Document 1-2

Chapter 2: Configuration and Binding
Configuration and Binding Process 2-1

Chapter 3: Protocol to MAC Interface Description
Transmission 3-1
Reception 3-2
Non Host-Buffered adapter 3-2
Host-Buffered adapter 3-3
Indication Control 3-3
Status Indication 3-4
General Requests 3-4
System Requests 3-5

Chapter 4: Data Structures
Module Characteristics 4-1
Common Characteristics 4-1
MAC Service-specific Characteristics 4-3
MAC Service-specific Status Table 4-5
MAC Upper Dispatch Table 4-6
Protocol Lower Dispatch Table 4-6
Characteristic Tables for NetBIOS Drivers 4-7
Frame Data Description 4-9
Transmit Buffer Descriptor 4-10
Transfer Data Buffer Descriptor 4-10
Receive Chain Buffer Descriptor 4-10
Configuration Memory Image 4-12
. ConfigMemorylmage 4-12
ModuleConfig 4-13
KeywordEntry 4-14
Param 4-15
BindingsList 4-16

NDIS - iii
Chapter 5: Specification of Primitives
Direct Primitives 5-4
TransmitChain 5-4
TransmitConfirm 5-5
ReceiveLookahead 5-6
TransferData 5-8
IndicationComplete 5-9
ReceiveChain 5-10
ReceiveRelease 5-12
IndicationOff 5-13
IndicationOn 5-14
General Requests 5-15
InitiateDiagnostics 5-16
ReadErrorLog 5-17
SetStationAddress 5~18
OpenAdapter 5-19
CloseAdapter 5-20
ResetMAC 5-21
SetPacketFilter 5-22
AddMulticastAddress 5-23
DeleteMulticastAddress 5-24
UpdateStatistics 5-25
ClearStatistics 5-26
Interrupt 5-27
Set FunctionalAddress 5-28
SetLookahead 5-29
General Request Confirmation 5-30
Status Indication 5-31
RingStatus 5-32
AdapterCheck 5-33
Start Reset 5-34
Interrupt 5-35
System Requests 5-36
InitiateBind 5-37
Bind 5-38
Protocol Manager Primitives 5-39
GetProtocolManagerlnfo 5-40
RegisterModule 5-41
BindAndStart 5-42
GetProtocolManagerLinkage 5-43

NOIS - iv
Chapter 6: Protocol Manager
Protocol Manager Initialization 6-1
Binding Sequence 6-1
OS/2 Calling Convention 6-3
DOS Calling Convention 6-4

Chapter 7: VECTOR
VECTOR Binding 7-1
Vector Demultiplexing 7-1

Appendix A: System Return Codes
Appendix B: Reference Material
Appendix C: 802.3 Media Specific Statistics
Appendix D: OS/2 NETBIOS Device Driver Interface
Introduction D-1
NetBIOS Driver Configuration D-2
NetBIOS Driver Initialization D-2
NetBIOS NCB Handler D-5
Common Problems and Hints D-7

NDIS - v

Chapter 1: Introduction
This document describes the LAN Manager driver architecture and interfaces that let a DOS 3 or
OS/2 system support one or more network adapters and protocol stacks. This architecture provides a
standardized way for writing drivers for network adapters and communications protocols. It also
solves the problem of how to configure and bind multiple drivers into the desired set of layered
protocol stacks.

Drivers written to the interfaces defined here will function concurrently in a system with other
networking and protocol drivers, and will operate correctly with the LAN Manager software for
DOS and OS/2.

Definition of Terms
To simplify the job of supporting multiple adapters and protocols, the architecture defines three
kinds of drivers: