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Agilent Technologies
E8257D and E8663D Option C09

Product Note

The Agilent E8257D and E8663D Option C09 is a standard instrument that has
been modified by moving all of the BNC connectors from the front panel to the
rear panel with one exception; the RF Output connector will remain on the front
For information concerning the operation and connections, reference the standard
Agilent PSG User's and Service Guide.
In all other respects this instrument is identical to the standard instrument
Inspect the shipment. Keep the shipping container and packaging material until
you have inspected the contents of the shipment for completeness and have
verified the instrument mechanically and electrically. If there is physical damage
refer to "Contacting Agilent Sales and Service Offices" on page 2. Keep the
damaged shipping materials (if any) for inspection by the carrier and an Agilent
Technologies representative.

Contacting Agilent Sales and Service Offices
Assistance with test and measurement needs, and information on finding a local Agilent office
are available on the Internet at:
You can also purchase accessories or documentation items on the Internet at:
If you do not have access to the Internet, contact your field engineer.

NOTE In any correspondence or telephone conversation, refer to the product by its
model number and full serial number. With this information, the Agilent
representative can determine the warranty status of your unit.

July 2013