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.. Application Program H20-0238-0

1130 Linear PrDgramming

Mathematical qptimization SubrDutine System
Application Description

The 1130 Linear Programming - Mathematical Optimization
Subroutine System provides the 1130 disk user with a simple,
efficient means of solving linear programming problems,
and with a powerful tool for implementing other mathematical
optimization applications.

The system contains all the routines necessary to solve a
linear programming problem and to perform an extensive
postoptimal analysis of the problem. The system provides
extensive data generation and maintenance facilities.

To solve a linear programming problem, these routines are
called into core storage by procedure control statements
that define the processing sequence. The control statements
may originate on cards or on paper tape.

The LP-MOSS routines can also be used like subroutines by
a program written in FORTRAN. This is accomplished by a
special command that is translated into valid FORTRAN
statements by a system translator. The command calls a
program into core storage to be executed before returning
control to the next statement in the calling program.

This manual contains a description of the system, the machine
configuration required, and limits on problem size.

Copies of this and other IBM publications can be obtained through IBM branch
offices. Address comments concerning the contents of this publication to
IBM, Technical Publications Department, 112 East Post Road, White Plains, N.Y. 10601