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Agilent 3458A Option 001 Installation Note
Thank you for purchasing the Agilent 3458A Option 001 Extended Memory Upgrade kit (P/N 03458-87902)!

This document contains the procedure for installing the extended memory option 001 to a standard 3458A
Serial Number US2803152 and greater. For units with serial number US2803152 and below that have NOT
updated the 3458A WITH KIT P/N 03458-88047, the correct P/N is 03458-87901

For the most up-to-date information on the Agilent 3458A, go to www.agilent.com/find/3458a.

Use clean-handling and anti-static techniques when handling and installing the IC.

Removing the Top Cover

1. Remove both rear handle brackets with a #2 Pozidrive.

2. Remove the rear bezel by loosening the four #15 TORX screws.

3. With the back of the instrument facing you, remove the #10 TORX screw securing the top
cover to the right side. NOTE: This screw provides ground continuity to the cover.

4. Remove the top cover.

Installing the RAM

5. Remove the PAL U102, and install the NEW PAL U102 on the 03458-66545 Outguard
Controller Assembly (Figure 1). This converts the assembly to an Option 001 03458-66548.

6. Install the 03458-66548 label on the PC board (Figure 2).

Reinstalling the Top Cover

7. Reverse steps 1 through 4 to install the top cover, rear bezel, and handle brackets (securing
the handles). NOTE: The screw removed in step 3 must be reinstalled to provide ground
continuity to the cover. Failure to install this screw can allow voltages to be present on
the cover, that under certain conditions could possibly cause bodily injury or death.

Mark Option on the Rear Panel

8. Black the option 001 square on the rear panel to indicate the option is now installed.
Figure 1

Figure 2