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Model 2290-5-RMK-2
Keithley Instruments, Inc.
28775 Aurora Road
Double Rack-Mount Kit Instructions
Cleveland, Ohio 44139

This document provides instructions for the Model 2290-5-RMK-2 dual fixed rack-mount kit. The kit contains
mounts needed to install two Model 2290-5 High Voltage Power Supplies in a standard 19-inch rack. Hardware is
included to attach the instruments to the rack ears (use existing hardware to mount the assembly into the rack).

Parts list
The parts list below contains a description of the parts supplied with the Model 2290-5-RMK-2 dual rack-mount
Item number Quantity Description Use
1 2 Handle Attached to rack ears
2 2 Truss head screws Locking plate
3 2 Rack ear Instrument side rack ear
4 4 Flat head screws Handle
5 2 Machined support blocks Provide support between instruments
6 4 Socket head screws Machine support blocks
7 1 Locking plate Locks the support blocks together

The next figure provides an exploded view of the rack mounting kit, the instrument, and the rack face.
Step-by-step assembly and mounting instructions are given below.

Before installing the instrument in the rack, be sure that the rack angle bracket or shelf is in place and
adjusted to accept and support the instrument. Under no circumstances should the instrument's entire
weight be supported solely by the hardware and brackets supplied in the mounting kit.
1. Mount handles (1) to both rack ears (3) securing each handle with two flat head screws (4).
2. Install the rack ears (3) on the outside edge of each instrument securing with two truss head screws that were
removed from the instrument (see the next figures).

When you remove the truss head screws to install the rack ears, you will need to re-use the screws to
secure the rack ears on the outside edge of each instrument.

071316500 *P071316500* 1
2290-5 kV Double Rack Mount Kit

3. Install one Machined Support Block (5) on the inside edge of each instrument. Secure each block with two
socket head screws (6).
4. Install the locking plate (7) to the top of the machined support blocks using two truss head screws (2).
5. Install both assemblies (instrument, rack ears, and machined support blocks) in the rack. Secure the
assembly with existing hardware (see the next figures).
Figure 1: Model 2290-5 double rack mount kit installation

2 071316500
2290-5 kV Double Rack Mount Kit

Figure 2: Model 2290-5 suggested rack fastener installation

071316500 3
2290-5 kV Double Rack Mount Kit

The next figure shows the hardware that you will receive with your rack mount kit. You can use this figure, the
Parts list (on page 1), and the previous figures to ensure that you have all of the necessary hardware to mount
your instruments.
Figure 3: Model 2290-5 rack mount kit hardware

4 071316500