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PM2 Spedflcations
Input Characteristics:
All inputs non-isolated and T'IX compatible
Absolute maximum input voltage = +5.5/-0.3V
I-I&h level input current = 20/1A
Low level input current - -4aOfi.
Maximum Count:
1. No concatenation (I6 bits/counter): 65536 events.
2. With concatenation (32 bits/counter): over 4 billion events
(4,294,967,2%)per set of concatenated counters.
Resolution: I6132bits (-al/concatenated).
Maximum Counting Speed:
1. Real-time tot&zing (mad-only mode, no reset): 250,OLM
pulses/second, or 2!%Hz.
2. Sampled input count (read and reset counter mode): l,OOO,ooO
pulses/second, or IMHz.
Gated Input Non-cob-e: iI count,
Minimum Input Pulse width: 5Ousec.
Power Fkquimmenix +5V 475mA.
* Four channel, fully synchronous event counter with channel to
channel independent [email protected] capability.
* All counters independently readable and resettable.
l Ibur separate gates a&w the inputs to be conflgwed as four
dual input channels to allow the inPut events to be gated by ex-
tend sources.
l Concatenation of counters is availableby means of user-selectable
switches to obtain hvo fully-independent, fully synchmnous 32
bit counters.

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