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Keysight Technologies
BroadR-Reach PHY Compliance Test Solutions
Product Fact Sheet
Simple and accurate evaluation and debug of BroadR-Reach physical layer

To meet the demand for higher security in automobiles, a
faster and more reliable in-vehicle network is required to
improve vehicle control. In addition, simultaneous streaming
of high quality video and sound, and the digitization of
camera systems have increased network traffic for in-vehicle
information systems.

Automotive Ethernet, which can cover both control and
information systems, is gaining attention. The OPEN (One-pair
Ethernet) Alliance SIG has developed an in-vehicle Ethernet
specification, based on Broadcom's BroadR-Reach technology.

Keysight provides the necessary equipment, including an
oscilloscope and network analyzer, for BroadR-Reach PHY
Transmitter Evaluation transmitter and link segment measurements.

Transmitter evaluation is performed on the DUT output
signal. Test signals are defined by the standards for each Keysight 9000A
test item. The N6467A BroadR-Reach compliance applica-
tion software, which runs on the Keysight Technologies, Keysight 81150A
Inc. 9000A/90000A series oscilloscope, automatically Pulse Generator
performs measurements of each test item, pass/fail judg-
ment, and report generation. You can reduce evalua- Keysight N5395C
Ethernet fixture
tion time, because measurements are fast and objective
regardless of the test operator.

For some test items, an interference signal needs to be su-
perimposed on the test signal. The Keysight 81150A arbi-
BroadR-Reach Transmitter Measurement Setup Example
trary waveform generator can be used as the interference
signal source. In addition, the Keysight N5395C Ethernet
test fixture can be used to superimpose the interference
signal. Power spectrum measurement using a spectrum
analyzer is defined in the specification. The Keysight X-
Series spectrum analyzer can be controlled directly from
this software and measurement results are imported into
the test report. With the exception of some test items, you
can select a differential probe or coaxial cable as a signal
input method to the oscilloscope.

It should be noted that BroadR-Reach does not specify a
standard connector type. Therefore, the test fixture should
be prepared, as necessary.
BroadR-Reach Compliance Software
Cable / Connector Evaluation
Time Domain Frequency Domain

Insertion Loss Return Loss
Cable Impedance

Traditionally, a TDR oscilloscope was used for time domain
measurements and a vector network analyzer for frequen- PSELFEXT
cy domain measurements. With ENA Option TDR, both the
time and frequency domains can be analyzed with a single

By recalling the necessary setup file, you can easily setup,
measure, and perform limit testing for pass/fail judgment.

ENA Option TDR Introduction
Features Values
Multi-domain analysis Frequency domain, time domain, and eye diagram analysis is available in a single
instrument. By observing both the time and frequency domain response at the
same time, deeper signal integrity insight can be obtained.
Simple and intuitive operation The user interface is designed to provide a similar look-and-feel to traditional TDR
oscilloscopes. You can easily measure with equal or greater operability compared
to the TDR oscilloscope. Following the Setup Wizard menu, complex measure-
ments can be set up in four simple steps.
Fast and accurate measurements Due to the low noise architecture, oftentimes averaging is not required as in
traditional TDR oscilloscopes. Real-time analysis allows for more efficient
troubleshooting of designs.
ESD Robustness High ESD robustness (up to 3 kV) is achieved through internal protection circuits.
Certified for a variety of high speed digital standards Certified equipment for USB, HDMI, DisplayPort, SATA, MHL cable/connector
compliance test. Method of Implementation (MOI) documents are also available
free of charge.

Ordering Information
(*) Please contact your local Keysight sales representative
for the detailed configuration.
DSO9104A Infiniium 9000 Series Oscilloscope
Opt 065 BroadR-Reach Compliance Application

E5071C ENA Series Network Analyzer
Opt 445 4-port test set, 100 kHz to 4.5 GHz with bias tees
Opt TDR Enhanced Time Domain Analysis

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