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File No. S360-32 OS

Systems Reference Library

IBM System/360 Operating System:

This publication discusses the capabilities
of the IBM System/360 Operating System utility
programs and the control statements used with
each program. These programs are used by
programmers responsible for organizing and
maintaining operating system data.

Three types of utility programs are
discussed: system utilities and data set
utilities, which are used directly with the
System/360 Operating System; and independent
utilities, which operate outside the operating
system. System utilities deal with operating
system control data. Data set utilities
manipulate data sets at the record level and
above. Independent utilities initialize, dump,
and restore direct access volumes.

Information concerning Model 195 support is
for planning purposes only.

system/360 Operating system Utility Appendix F discusses utility program
programs provide functions to assist handling of user labels. Appendix G
programmers responsible for creating and contains the messages and return codes
maintaining operating system data. These issued by the utility programs.
functions are requested through control
statements, which can be used individually
or in combination, to perform a variety of The reader should be familiar with the
housekeeping and support operations. concepts and terminology introduced in the
prerequisite publications.
This publication discusses the functions
provided by each utility program and the
control statements used to request these PREREQUISITE PUBLICATIONS
functions. Examples illustrating possible
uses of the utilities follow the IBM System/360 Operating System:
description of each utility program.
Appendixes A and B contain information .for Job Control Language Reference,
linking to exit routines and invoking GC28-6704
utility programs. Appendix C contains
information explaining the control Job Control User's Guide, GC28-6703
statement notation used throughout this
publication. Appendix D contains supervisor and Data Management Services.
information on defining mountable devices GC28-6646
and maintaining volume integrity. Appendix
E describes how to build a generation data Supervisor and Data Management Macro
group index and catalog a generation. Instructions, GC28-6647

TWelfth Edition (June, 1970>

This is a major revision of, and obsoletes, C28-6586-10. 'The
additions and changes to this revision include: