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Form C20-8152

r--1BM Data Processing Techniques

Flowcharting Techniques

Adherence to standard techniques for the preparation of flowcharts of
data processing systems and procedures greatly increases effectiveness
of communication between the programmer analyst and the many groups
with whom he deals. The manual describes in detail the preparation of
system and program flowcharts. The symbols used are those provided
by the new IBM Flowcharting Template (X20-8020), which contains
cutouts for all flowchart symbols. The template envelope gives uses
for the symbols. The Flowchart Worksheet (X20-8021) is a means of
standardizing documentation. It provides space for drawing program
flowcharts and contains an area for identification of the job, including
application, procedure, date and pagination.


Introduction. . . . . . . 1
Flowcharting Template. . 2
System Flowcharts . . . 3
Basic Symbols. . . . 3
Special Medium, Input/Output and
Operation Symbols. . . . . . . 6
Examples of System Flowcharts . 6
Program. Flowcharts.