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File No. 8360-20
Form C28-6510-0

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IBM System/36D Programming Systems Summary
This publication describes the general function
and application of the operating system and the
special support system of the IBM System/360.

The operatinQ system c6nsists of a comprehensive
set of commercial and scientific programming aids
operating under the supervisory control and
coordination of an integrated set of control
programs. The programming aids and control
programs of the operating system can be integrated
in various combinations with selected processing,
storage, and input/output facilities of the IBM
Computing System/360 to form a balanced total
system (the IBM System/360) for a particular range
of applications. The operating system can be used
to perform, individually or concurrently, several
types of processing, such as stacked job and
remote messaQe processing, on one or more
processing units. The programming aids include
assemblers having macro capabilities; program
compilers, including compilers that are capable of
compiling source programs written in FORTRAN,
COBOL, or a New Programming Language; a program
tester for debugging programs; input/output
control programs for use in remote message
processing, as well as sequential and
direct-access file processing; a report program
generator; a generalized sort/merge program; and
various utility programs.

The special support system consists of a set of
related control programs and programming aids that
are designed to provide early delivery of
programming support for small card, tape, or disk
configurations of the IBM Computing System/360.
The control programs and programming aids in this
system include input/output control programs;
assemblers; a FORTRAN compiler; a New