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Interface Card

Warning: This equipment generates, warrantios of morchantability and License and Copyright
uses, and can radiate radio frequency fitnolls for a particular purpollo, aro
energy and if not installed and used in limitod in duration to ninoty (90) daYll This manual and the software
accordance with the instructions (computer programs) described in it are
from tho dato of original retail
manual, may cause interference to purchallo of thill product. copyrighted by Apple or by Apple's
radio communications. It has been software suppliers, with all rights
tested and found to comply with the Even though Apple has tested the reserved, and they are covered by the
limits for a Class A computing device software described in this manual and Lisa Software License Agreement
pursuant to Subpart J of Part 15 of FCC reviewed its contents, neithor Applo signed by each Lisa owner. Under the
Rules, which are designed to provide nor its lloftware ouppliers make any copyright laws and the License
reasonable protection against such warranty or ropresontation, oither Agreement, this manual or the
interference when operated in a express or implied, with respect to the programs may not be copied, in whole
commercial environment. Operation of software dcscribed in thill manual, its or in part, without the written consent of
this equipment in a residential area is quality, pcrformance, merchantability, Apple, except in the normal use of the
likely to cause interference in which or fitnclls for any particular purpollo. software or to make a backup copy.
case the user at his own expense will be Aa a roault, thia ooftwaro ia sold "aa This exception does not allow copies to
required to take whatever measures is," and you the purchase aro be made for others, whether or not
may be required to correct the asauming tho ~ntir~ risk as to ita sold, but all of the material purchased
interference. quality and porformance. (with all backup copies) may be sold,
given, or loaned to other persons if they
Customor Satisfaction In no event will Apple or its software agree to be bound by the provisions of
suppliers be liable for direct, indirect, the License Agreement. Copying
If you discover physical defects in the special, inCidental, or consequential
manuals distributed with a Lisa product includes translating into another
damages resulting from any defect in language or format.
or in the media on which a software the software or manual, even if they
product is distributed, Apple will have been advised of the possibility of You may use the software on any
replace the documentation or media at such damages. In particular, they shall computer owned by you, but extra
no charge to you during the 90-day have no liability for any programs or copies cannot be made for this
period after you purchased the product. data stored in or used with Apple purpose. For some products, a multi-
In addition, if Apple releases a products, including the costs of use license may be purchased to allow
corrective update to a software product recovering or reproducing these the software to be used on more than
during the 90-day period after you programs or data. one computer owned by the purchaser,
purchased the software, Apple will including a shared-disk system.
Tho warranty and remodios sot forth (Contact your authorized Lisa dealer for
replace the applicable diskettes and abovo are excluaivo and in lieu of all
documentation with the revised version information on multiuse licenses.)
othora, oral or written, expresa or
at no charge to you during the six implied. No Apple dealer, agent, or Product Rovisions
months after the date of purchase. employee is authorized to make any
Unless you have purchased the product
In some countries the replacement modification, extension, or addition to update service available through your
period may be different; check with this warranty.
authorized Lisa dealer, Apple cannot
your authorized Lisa dealer. Return any Some states do not allow the exclusion guarantee that you will receive notice of
item to be replaced with proof of or limitation of implied warranties or a revision to the software described in
purchase to Apple or to an authorized liability for incidental or consequential this manual, even if you have returned a
Lisa dealer. damages, so the above limitation or registration card received with the
Limitation on Warrantios and Liability exclusion may not apply to you. This product. You should check periodically
warranty gives you specific legal rights, with your authorized Lisa dealer.
All impliod warrnntioll concorning this and you may also have other rights that
manual and modia, including implied vary from state to state.