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File No. S360-31

Program Logic

Version IB.1

IBM Sy~;tem/360 Time Sharing System
System Generation and Maintenance

Provides the information necessary to generate and
maintain the IBM System/360 Time Sharing System

The intended audience for this publication is the
system p:cogrammer who is responsible for TSS/360 system
generation and system maintenance.

The primary system generation services consists of
the SYSBLD Prelude, System Build, startup Prelude, and
Startup; they generate a working TSS/360 system.

The first section of the book provides an overview
of the system generation process. The next sections of
the book. describe the SYSBLD, STARTUP, and SYSGEN
phases. The fifth section consists of flowcharts for
the SYSE.LD, STARTUP, and SYSGEN phases. The Appendixes
provide information on system tables, global symbols,
and data areas referred to by the system generation

The Jreader must be familiar with the information
presenbed in:
IBM System/360 Time Sharing System: system
Generation and Maintenance, GC28-2010
IBM System/360 Time Sharing System: Control Blocks
Program Logic Manual, GY28-2011
Seventh Edition (September 1971)

This is a major reV1S10n of, and makes obsolete IBM
System/360 Time Sharing System: System Generation and
Maintenance, GY28-2015 4. A new subroutine was added to the
STARTUP phase and changes were made to the SYSBLD and STARTUP
phases to support RTAM initialization, dynamic Q-cons, and
user modules. Changes in the actual pages are indicated by a
vertical bar in the margin at the left of the text.

This edition is current with Version 8, Modification 1,
and remains in effect for all subsequent versions or
modifications of IBM System/360 Time Sharing System unless
otherwise noted. Significant changes or additions to this
publication will be provided in new editions or Technical
Newsletters. Before using this publication, refer to the
latest edition of IBM System/360 Time Sbaring System:
Addendum, GC28-2043, which may contain information pertinent
to the topics covered in this edition. The Addendum also
lists the editions of publications that are applicable and

This publication was prepared for production using an IBM
computer to update the text and to control the page and line
format. Page impressions for photo-offset printing were
obtained from an IBM 1403 Printer using a special print
Requests for copies of IBM publications should be made to
your IBM representative or to the IBM branch office serving
your locality.

A form is provided at the back of this publication for
reader's comments. If the form has been removed, comments
may be addressed to IBM Corporation, Time Sharing System/360
Programming Publications, Department 643, Neighborhood Road,
Kingston, New York 12401.

~ Copyright International Business Machines Corporation ~967,
1968, ~969, ~970, 1971

This publication, intended for use by macro instructions and the APGEN command
the system programmer responsible for the procedure.
generation and maintenance of the system,
is divided into five sections representing
an introduction, the three logical Section 5 contains a set of flowcharts
divisions of the system gener'ation process, to be used in conjunction with the previous
and the flowcharts. sections.
Section 1 is an introduction to the Also included in this publication is a
system generation and maintenance process set of appendixes. These contain
and provides an overall picture of the descriptions of the system table fields set
logic flow from program to plcogram. by the macro instructions and of the global
symbols. In addition, all DSECTs that each
Section 2 explains the SYSBLD phase. It module refers to are listed.
presents a brief picture of 'the SYSBLD
Prelude routine and an overall picture of PREREQUISITE PUBLICATIONS
the SYSBLD process, explaining in detail
the routines comprising the module. Familiarity with the material contained
in the following publications is essential
Section 3 explains the startup phase. to the use of this manual.
It presents a picture of the Startup
Prelude and Startup process, including IBM System/360 Principles of Operation,
Quickstart. Included in the Startup GA22-6821
description is an introduction to the
module. a description of thE! mainline IBM System/360 Time Sharing System:
routine, a description of the Link-loader concepts and Facilities, GC28-2003
subroutine a brief explanation of its
supporting I/O and Link-loader subroutines, IBM System/360 Time Sharing System:
and a description of the QU:Lckstart System Generation and Maintenance,
subroutines. GC28-2010

Section 4 contains a bri,ef explanation IBM System/360 Time Sharing System:
of the SYSGEN phase. It presents the System Control Blocks Program Logic
relationships of the system generation Manual, GY28-2011


Prel.ude Module 1