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File No. 8370-30

Systems Macro Reference

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This publication contains quick reference informa- scription of the macro may be found. The macros
tion on the data management and system control are listed in alphabetical order within the chapter,
macros for the experienced programmer and systems which serves as an index for the remainder of the
support personnel. For the most part, restrictions book.
and programming details have been omitted in order
to provide rapid access to the information in this Chapter 2 contains an explanation of the macro
pub~~~ation. If the information included herein is notation used in this book.
not sufficient for your purposes, refer to the books in Chapter 3 contains the descriptions of the declara-
the following publications list. tive macros; Chapter 4 contains the imperative mac-
DOS/VSE Data Management Concepts, GC24-5138 ros; Chapter 5 contains the system control macros.
These chapters describe the macros in detail. With
the following exceptions, the macros are arranged in
DOS/VSE System Management Guide, GC33-5371 alphabetic order within each chapter:
OS/VS - DOS/VSE - VM/370Assembler