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AMD GeodeTM GX Thin Client RDK
Hardware Developer's Guide
and Schematic Checklist

1.0 Scope
The AMD GeodeTM GX thin client reference design kit The Geode GX thin client RDK and other advanced devel-
(RDK) provides a complete system solution, including opment tools represent AMD's commitment to low-power
schematics, layout and full documentation. The intent of customer-centric solutions for the x86 thin client market-
this document is to describe the overall hardware design of place by providing an integrated suite of support and devel-
the board, provide insight on key design constraints and opment capabilities. The thin client RDK contains materials
where appropriate, provide design alternatives. needed to quickly and efficiently move networked comput-
ing appliance solutions to market.
Note: This is revision B of this document. The changes
from revision A (dated August 2004) include re- Application Markets
writes and enhancements of several sections. It is The Geode GX thin client RDK features a flexible design
recommended that the user review the entire docu- that can address a broad range of embedded devices:
Corporate Thin Client
Terminal in Blade PC
2.0 Overview Point-of-Sale
The AMD GeodeTM GX thin client RDK is a compact, low- Education
power and high-performance system designed to help facil- Information Appliance
itate the next generation of thin client networked computing
appliances. Building on AMD's philosophy of delivering low
total cost of ownership, the thin client reference design kit
is optimized to provide value through all phases of the
design and development cycle (device choices, schemat- 3.0 Board Devices
ics, layout, and software). It was designed to provide an This section describes the hardware devices found on the
extensible solution for both hardware and software while board.
serving as a powerful, near manufacture-ready reference
design tool.
3.1 AMD GeodeTM GX Processor
It is intended to provide a complete solution for both hard- The AMD GeodeTM GX [email protected] processor provides the
ware and software, or can be used as a powerful beginning foundation of the design. This component integrates the
for a differentiated design. As a complete solution, utilizing CPU core, memory controller, and graphics subsystem
AMD's Geode solutions and design flexibility, the thin client from traditional designs into a single chip reducing system
RDK dramatically reduces the costly time-to-market con- cost and complexity.
cerns; while at the same time creating an effective, efficient
thin client design. If an application does not require the full performance level
of the Geode GX [email protected], then two other, lower cost
The Geode GX thin client RDK is based on proven, third and power options are available: the AMD Geode GX
generation Geode RDK technology providing a complete [email protected] processor* and AMD Geode GX [email protected]
system design package that gives designers flexibility, ver- processor*.
satility and enhanced capabilities