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File No. S360-jU
Order No. GC30-2004-6

Systems Reference Library

IBM System/3S0 Operating System
Basic TelecDmmunicatiDns Access Method

Program Number 360S-CO-513

This publication describes the Basic Telecommunications
Access Method (BTAM) available with Release 20.6/20.7
and Release 21 of the System/360 Operating System com-
bined with the Independent Component Release containing
BTAM support for the IBM 3270 Display System. BTAM
provides facilities that enable an assembler-language
programmer to write a teleprocessing control program
that effects communications at the Read/Write level
between a System/360 and a variety of computers and
terminals connected to the System/360 over common-
carrier or private-wire communications networks.
BTAM provides similar facilities for the local IBM BTAM
3270 Display System. BTAM employs both start-stop
and binary synchronous communications (BSC) tech-
niques, depending on the type of remote station.

Typical BTAM applications include data acquisition,
message switching, and inquiry processing.

The publication explains some concepts of tele-
processing and BTAM, describes line control and message
transmission techniques, and describes each of the BTAM
macro instructions and facilities needed to construct a
control program. The READ and WRITE macro instructions
applicable for each type of remote station and line
configuration are given, along with the channel pro-
grams generated for each type.

Prerequisite to use of this publication is a knowl-
edge of System/360 assembler language and data manage-
ment facilities.
Appendix J of this publication lists the types of terminals that
are supported by the Basic Telecommunications Access Method
component of the System/360 Operating System.

Terminals which are equivalent to those explicitly supported
may also function satisfactorily. The customer is responsible
for establishing equivalency. IBM assumes no responsibility for
the impact that any changes to the I BM-supplied products or
programs may have on such terminals.

Seventh Edition (September 1972)

This edition, GC30-2004-6, is a revision of GC30-2004-5 and associated
Technical Newsletters GN30-2551, GN30-2563, GN30-2568, GN30-2569,
GN30-2570, and GN30-2571. This edition applies to OS Release 20.6/20.7
and Release 21 combined with the Independent Component Release
containing BTAM support for the IBM 3270 Display System.

Significant changes or additions to the specifications contained in this
pUblication are continually being made. When using this publication in
connection with the use of IBM equipment, check the latest SRL Newslet-
ter for revisions or contact the local IBM branch office.

Requests for copies of IBM publications should be made to your IBM
representative or to the IBM branch office serving your locality.

A form is provided at the back of this publication for reader's com-
ments. If the form has been removed, comments may be addressed to IBM
Corporation, Dept. 636, Neighborhood Road, Kingston, New York 12401.