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Process.mesa 2-Sep-78 13:58:17 Page 1

-- Process.Mesa Edited by Redell on July 31, 1978 3:39 PM
ControlDefs: FROM "controldefs" USING [
Frame, FrameHandle, Free, Lreg, NullFrame, SetReturnFrame, StateVector],
InlineDefs: FROM "inlinedefs" USING [BITOR, BITSHIFT],
NucleusDefs: FROM "nucleusdefs",
ProcessDefs: FROM "processdefs" USING [
ActiveWord, Broadcast, Clean, Condition, CurrentPSB, CurrentState,
DefaultPriority, DefaultTimeout, DisableInterrupts, DIW, Empty,
EnableAndRequeue, EnableInterrupts, Enter, Exit, MonitorLock, Notify,
NullQueueHandle, Priority, ProcessHandle, PSB, ReadyList, ReEnter, SOC,
Ticks, TimeoutLevel, TimerGrain, UnlockedEmpty, Wait],
SDDefs: FROM "sddefs