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Agilent AN 355-1
Tools for Digital Microwave Radio
Installation and Maintenance
Application Note

A description of the wide range of test solutions
available from Agilent for Digital Radio Test

Table of Contents

3 Spectrum Analyzers
3 Portable Spectrum Analyzers Agilent 8590E Series
5 Link Analysis
5 Agilent 11770A Link Measurements Personality
6 Multipath Signature Analysis
6 Multipath Fading Analysis with the Agilent 11757B
7 Digital Radio Test System
8 Agilent 11758V Options H60 and H61
8 Power and Frequency
9 Carrier-to-Noise (C/N) Testing
10 Bit Error Analysis
11 Ordering Information
Agilent Technologies is dedicated to
providing the best solutions for your Agilent Product

test needs during Digital Microwave




Radio installation and maintenance.

Agilent has a wide range of measure- Test
ment options so that you can choose
the right tools for your job. We design Bit Error Rate Ratio q 10
into each instrument the performance C/N vs. BER q 9
you need while still providing a familiar, Multipath Testing q q 6
easy-to-use, and reliable test solution. Spectral Occupancy q q 3
Power q q q 7
At Agilent, we have worked with Digital Frequency q q 7
Radio professionals for many years, so Group Delay q q 5
we understand the unique problems Flatness/Scalar Analysis q q 4
involved in testing radios "in the field." Return Loss q 7
We track the latest technical standards Intermodulation q 7
that affect the way you must do your Noise Figure q q 4
job and design our measurement solu-
tions to have all the capabilities and
features you need to do your job
quickly and efficiently.

Our objective is to improve your effi-
ciency so that you can quickly get
your radios working and keep them
working at peak performance. Agilent
test equipment provides the best value
for your money and allows you to
maximize long-term profit obtainable
from your radio network.

Spectrum Analyzers

Portable Spectrum Analyzers What really sets the 8590E Series apart Digital Radio Measurements
Agilent 8590E Series is the ability to help you do your job The Agilent 85713A Digital Radio
Spectrum analysis is one of the most by providing a complete measurement Measurements Personality adds mask
important measurement needs in dig- solution for your Digital Radio test comparison with mean power level,
ital radio testing. A few of the many needs. In addition to many important frequency response, and transient
uses of a spectrum analyzer include: built-in measurement functions, "Meas- analysis capabilities.
urement Personalities" are available