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K Service Source

Macintosh Quadra 610/
Centris 610/WS 60
Macintosh Quadra 610 DOS Compatible
Macintosh Quadra 610
Macintosh Centris 610
Workgroup Server 60
K Service Source

Macintosh Quadra 610/Centris
610/WS 60
Basics Overview - 2

This manual includes
complete repair procedures
for the Quadra 610, Centris
610, and WorkGroup Server
60 shown at left.

Figure: Macintosh Centris 610, Quadra 610, and WS 60
K Service Source

Macintosh Quadra 610/Centris
610/WS 60
Specifications Processors - 1


Centris 610/AWS 60 Motorola 68LC040
20 MHz
Built-in memory management unit (MMU)

Note: Apple does not provide a floating point unit (FPU)
upgrade for this product.

Quadra 610/AWS 60 Quadra 610: Optional Motorola 68LC040 or 68040
AWS 60: Motorola 68040
25 MHz
Built-in memory management unit (MMU)

Note: A floating point unit (FPU) coprocessor is included with
the 68040 processor.
Specifications Processors - 2

Quadra 610, DOS Motorola 68LC040
Compatible 25 MHz
Built-in memory management unit
DOS compatible card

DOS Compatible 486SX microprocessor
Card 25 MHz
32-bit addressing
32-bit data paths
One 72-pin SIMM slot supports up to 64 MB expansion, 80 ns or
faster SIMM.
512K, 80 ns video DRAM soldered on board supports standard
VGA, many SVGA, and Macintosh monitors.
32-bit DMA channel supports peripheral access to local memory
and shared memory through the Macintosh Operating System.
Specifications Memory - 3


Centris 610/ Quadra

RAM 4 or 8 MB RAM standard, expandable to 68 MB (80 ns or faster
72-pin SIMM)

AWS 60

RAM 8 MB RAM standard, expandable to 68 MB (80 ns or faster 72-
pin SIMM)
Specifications Memory - 4


VRAM 256 bytes of nonvolatile parameter memory

Clock/Calendar 512K, expandable to 1 MB (80 ns or faster 68-pin SIMM)
CMOS custom chip with long-life lithium battery
Specifications Disk Storage - 5

Disk Storage

Floppy Drive 1.4 MB Apple SuperDrive

Hard Drive Centris 610/Quadra 610: 80 MB to 500 MB hard drive

CD-ROM AWS 60: 230 MB or 500 MB hard drive
Optional internal 5.25-in. CD-ROM drive
Specifications I/O Interfaces - 6

I/O Interfaces

SCSI One SCSI port; DB-25 connector
Supports a maximum of six external devices (internal SCSI
devices include the computer, which is always device 7)

Apple Desktop Bus Two Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) ports; mini DIN-4 connectors
Low-speed synchronous serial interface
Two RS-232/RS-422 serial ports; mini DIN-8 connectors
230.4 Kbps maximum
0.92 Mbps maximum, clocked externally

Serial Internal expansion slot supports either a processor-direct slot
card or 7-inch NuBus card (with appropriate adapter)
Specifications I/O Interfaces - 7

Sound One stereo-capable output port
One monaural input port

Video One video port; DB-15 connector
Supports Apple monitors (8-bit)
VGA and SVGA monitors require a special adapter cable

Ethernet Centris 610: Optional on-board Ethernet port
AWS 60/Quadra 610: On-board Ethernet
Specifications I/O Devices - 8

I/O Devices

Keyboard Standard, extended, or adjustable keyboard connected through
either of two ADB ports
Maximum power draw for all ADB devices: 500 mA
Keyboard draws 25