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Kevin Rochford
Hewlett-Packard Company
29 Burlington Mall Rd Semiconductor
Burlington, MA 01803
Jim Curran
Nf'wtwork Measurements Division
Hewlett-Packard Company
1400 Fountaingrove Parkway
Santa Rosa, CA 95403 r~HEWLETT


A m:ljor problem encountered" hell m:lking net\\ork me:lsurel1lents in microstrip or othel
non-eo:lxial medi:l. is the need to separate the erreets or the tr:lnsmission media rrom the
device characteristics. While \eetor error-correction is userul ror remo\ ing system:ltic
errors in microwave networl\ mC:lsurements. the resultant accuracy is dependent on the
quality or the calibration standards. Unrortun:ltel~ the impedance stand:lrds used in
coaxial measurements arc dirficult to produce for non-coaxial transmission media.

A new calibration method, "Thru-Reflect-Line," hns been ndded to the HP 85108 network
analyzer, which relics onl~ on the charneteristie impedanec or n transmission line. In
addition to the simplicity of the calibration standards. this method is uscful for
calibration in both linear and dispersive (non-linear phase) transmission media. This
paper describes the benefits of direct. fully error-corrected measurement of non-coaxial
devices. Measurement examples or a microstrip transmission line. filtcr and microcircuit
amplifier will be shown.


There :Ire m:ln~ dc' i(es, r:lnging rrom tlansistor~
:lnd p:lssive clements (resistors. indu(lOr::- and

'Cw (:lp:lcitors) to complC\ microcircuits. "ith the
(Ommon eh:lr:l(teristi( that they often dt\ Iwt h:l \ l'
cO:1xial connectors. AS:1 rcsult these de\ ices :Ire
TRL CALIBRATION difricult to measure with instruments thaI
typic:1l1y have coaxi:ll test ports. This docs not.
FOR howcvcr, diminish the need to aecuratcl~
characterize thc bchavior of such de\