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Structured Programming
Facility /Conversational
Monitor System:
Program Product Program Reference Manual
Program Number 5748-XT3
The Structured Programming Facility is a program develop-
ment tool designed to take advantage of the characteristics
of IBM 3270 display terminals, and to increase productivity
in an interactive environment for users of both structured
and conventional programming techniques.

The Structured Programming Facility/Conversational
Monitor System is functionally equivalent to the Structured
Programming Facility/Time Sharing Option program
product, 5740-XT8, Version 2.2. The two products are
fully compatible in display formats and operation, except
for those features that are explicitly oriented to the Time
Sharing Option or the Conversational Monitor System.

This manual provides detailed information on how to use
this program product.

--..- :=
-=- -=-= -::. -
- :-:. ===
= ----
--_ .... -
---- _.-
First Edition (September 1979)
This edition applies to Release 1, Modification Level 0, of the program product Structured
Programming Facility/Conversational Monitor System (S748-XT3) and to all subsequent
versions and modifications until otherwise indicated in new editions or Technical Newsletters.

Changes are continually made to the information herein. Therefore, before using this
publication, consult your System/370 Bibliography (GC20-Q370) for the editions that are
applicable and current.
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