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mODULA 2/86

on m/-dol (pc-dol)

Ph6ne (0)21 / 77 45 45 - Telex 458 217 - Fax (0)21 / 77 31 36

Software Engineering Library
Modula-2/86, Release 1.0 February 29, 1984

Release notes for release 1.0 on DOS 2.0

1) File handling in DOS 2.0
Modula-2/86 now internally uses DOS 2.0 calls for file operations.
For this reason you must have a file 'CONFIG.SYS' on the the
disk you use to start (boot) your DOS 2.0 system. This file must
at least contain the command
in order to set the maximum number of open files in DOS 2.0 to
twelve. This minimum is required for proper operation of the
Modula-2/86 system (compiler, linker, debugger). By default,
DOS 2.0 allows opening four files only, which is not sufficient
operating Modula-2/86.
'- ,,/
If the proper number of files is not set in DOS, then an error
message 'file not found' will appear when operating the Modula-2/86
compiler. While the file in question may be present, it cannot
be opened due to a lack of file descr~ptors in the operating system.
Also it is recommended that you set the number of buffers
to at least thirteen (not just eight as stated
in the manual). This can be achieved by the command
which also goes in the file 'CONFIG.SYS'. While this is not required,
it will improve the performance of the Modula-2/86 system.
A sample 'CONFIG.SYS' file is provided on your Modula-2/86
system diskette. After you have changed or install~d your
'CONFIG.SYS' file, be sure to re-start (boot) your operating
system, in order for these changes to become effective.

'2) Installation
The Modula-2/86 system has been greatly improved for operating
with DOS 2.0. For the best installation please refer to chapter