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Keithley Instruments, Inc.
Model 4200-RM Rack Mount Kit
28775 Aurora Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44139
Packing List
(440) 248-0400
Fax: (440) 248-6168

NOTE This 4200-RM Rack Mount Kit is for installation in 4200-CAB series cabinets only.

The Model 4200-RM is a fixed rack mount kit for cabinet mounting of the Model 4200 Semiconductor Characterization
System (4200-SCS).

Parts list
Refer to Table l below for a list of parts included in the kit:

Table 1
Model 4200-RM parts list
Item Quantity Description Keithley Part No.
A 2 Instrument Support Shelves 4200-381
B 2 Rack Mount Ears 4200-341
C 2 Handles HH-30-3
D 12 #10-32