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IBM System/3S0
Time Sharing System

General-Purpose Operating System

Quick Guide
System Programmers


Tllirct }',Jilion (June I '}7(f1
This is a major revision of, and make:-; obsolete, X2R-6401-0. This
edition applies to Version 7, \10dification O. of IBM System:'360 Time
Sharing Sysktn, and 10 all subsequent releases until otherwise indicated
in new editions or Technical Newsletters. Changes arc periodically made
to the spcdficatiom herein; be-forc w.ing this pllhli~ation in connection
,,;\lith the operation of IBM systems, refer 10 the latest edition of IBlH
Svslel1l!3fJ() TiHie Sharing Svstem: A ddendum, Order No. GC28