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Condition: 1 Constantly
Symptom: 31x Other 'no picture' problem
Digital Noise only on Screen or Monitor will not start


1. Disconnect the 2 connectors from the Y drive PCB to the scan IC PCB's
(Y3 and Y5). DO NOT POWER UP THE DISPLAY as this would cause even more

2. With a meter, measure the impedance between VH and GNDH on the connector
on the scan IC PCB's (there are 2, for the upper and lower half of the display). The
half with the faulty scan IC should indicate low impedance.

3. To find the actual IC, check the impedance between GNDH and each address
line on each scan IC. On a faulty scan IC, this will be low impedance.

Replace the faulty scan IC's as necessary
Part: TC03151 IC SN755860PJ
Section: IMG Image display unit
Defect: Q Short
Repair: A Replacement