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S530 Parametric Test Systems with KTE-- Quick and Seamless
Integration with Your Existing S400 and S600 Systems

The proven performance of KTE is now integrated with
our newest, most cost-effective parametric test system.

n Expand your fab's process control monitoring capacity or replace If you're using Keithley Series S400 and/or S600 systems already, KTE V5.3
older systems efficiently and economically makes integrating S530s into your test floor quick and simple:
n Enjoy the same fast, flexible test plan development and execution n High platform-to-platform compatibility lets you use the same
KTE provides for hundreds of facilities around the world on your test recipes and test plans for all your Keithley automated
new test systems parametric test systems. That not only shortens the learning curve
n Eliminate the need for retraining for existing KTE users for your test engineers and operators working with multiple systems
but offers a smooth migration path to protect your test development
n Discover what KTE's proven power and flexibility investment when adding new high speed systems to your test floor or
offer new users replacing older ones.
n Port existing measurement libraries to the S530 and adjust n The commands used in the KTE linear parametric test library (LPTLIB)
easily for measurement correlation and parametric test library (PARLIB) are compatible with all three
n Use identical test recipes, plans, and other test files across test platforms.
S400, S600, and S530 test systems n You can continue working with the familiar user libraries
n Save time and money by reusing your User Access Point (UAP) code you've developed for Series S400/S600 systems over the years after
n Linux OS and standard industrial PC provide stability and ease recompiling and rebuilding them for use with the S530. Typically, only
of maintenance minimal debugging is required.
Keithley Series S400 and Series S600 system users, we've migrated n KTE V5.3 simplifies creating new UAP source code for conditional
our popular Keithley Test Environment (KTE) to our new Series S530 test sequencing and customizing the flow of your system operation.
parametric test systems, our fastest, most cost-effective line of process Simply reuse UAP source code from your S400 or S600, and apply it to
control monitoring solutions. Now, you can configure both S530 High the S530 with minimal adjustments.
Voltage and Low Current test systems with the same test creation and n KTE's Keithley Interactive Test Tool (KITT), Keithley User Library Tool
execution environment refined and proven at hundreds of customer (KULT), Keithley Test Program Manager (KTPM), and the other KTE tools
facilities worldwide. provide identical functionality for all three system platforms.

a g r e at e r m e a s u r e o f c o n f i d e n c e
Test Engineer

Parameter Library
Keithley Interactive Instrument Library
Test Tool (KITT) Prober Library

Test User User Library Tool (KULT)
Macros Libraries

Test Program Manager Execution
(KTPM) Engine Operator
Test Plan
Site Wafer Factory Selection
Test Plans Description Integration
Wafer Operator Data
Test Plans Limits File Interface Files

Cassette Probe
Test Plans Card File Test Plan Analysis

Characterization Engineer Test Operator Factory
The Keithley Interactive Test Tool (KITT), Keithley User Library Tool (KULT),
and Keithley Test Program Manager (KTPM) and other modules of KTE provide
identical functionality for all three test platforms: S530, S400, or S600.

The brand new system with three decades of test expertise behind it High reliability and high speed
By extending the KTE test development and execution environment to We've optimized KTE V5.3 for the S530 for long-term reliability and speed
S530 systems, we're bringing the advantages of Keithley's three decades in high throughput production test. It's designed to run on a Linux
of field experience in parametric test code development together with operating system on a standard industrial PC to ensure lasting stability
the fastest, most advanced system hardware available in the market. S530 and ease of maintenance.
instrumentation provides the speed and wide measurement range that
parametric test applications like process control monitoring demand. Platform-to-platform compatibility ensures ongoing ROI
Keithley has continually enhanced and maintained the KTE test
S530 Parametric Test Systems running KTE V5.3 can address all of the I-V development and execution environment and has proven its effectiveness
and C-V measurements required in process control monitoring, process at hundreds of customer sites worldwide. Our continuing commitment
reliability monitoring, and device characterization. S530 systems are to maintaining software compatibility between test platforms assures you
optimized for use in production parametric test environments that must of a smoother migration path to Keithley's latest high speed test systems.
accommodate a broad mix of products or wherever wide application KTE has the flexibility to change with the industry's changing test needs,
flexibility and fast test plan development are critical. For details on the stretching your capital investment further and improving your ROI.
S530 systems, see our online brochure and datasheet at www.keithley.com.
Want to learn more?
Build tests and sequences quickly and flexibly For more information on the latest enhancements to our Series S530
When using KTE for the S530, you can quickly create individual electrical parametric test systems, download our new brochure, data sheet, high
tests at the subsite level by drawing on libraries of tests, then defining voltage testing white paper, and application note, which are all available
parameters and connections. To ensure maximum electrical test online at www.keithley.com, or contact your Keithley sales representative.
flexibility, KTE also allows you to create custom parametric tests using the
Keithley User Library Tool (KULT), a powerful tool for creating, editing,
and compiling user-defined test libraries.

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