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IBM 3215
Console Printer-Keyboard
Systems Component Description
This reference publication describes the functions and
operation of the IBM 3215 Console Printer-Keyboard.
Also presented are the printing method, control keys and.
lights, functional timing, forms controls, specifications,
and make-ready procedures.

For system operation (including programming and
operating procedures), refer to the IBM System/360 and
System/370 Bibliography, GA22-6822, for Functional
Characteristics and Operating Procedures manuals for the
particular system and model.
Second Edition (February, 1971)
This is a major revision of, and obsoletes GA24-3550-0. The section "Operating
Procedures" has been added. This section and other changes to the text are indicated
by a vertical line to the left of the change or addition; added illustrations are denoted
by the symbol. to the left of the caption.

Changes are continually made to the information herein; any such changes will be reported
in subsequent revisions or Technical Newsletters.

Requests for copies of IBM publications should be made to your IBM representative or to
the IBM branch office serving your locality. This manual has been prepared by the IBM
Systems Development Division, Product Publications, Dept. KIO, P.O. Box 6, Endicott,
New York 13760. A form for readers' comments is provided at the back of this publi-
cation. If the form has been removed, comments may be sent to the above address.