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File Number S360(Mod.20)-32
Form C26-3810-3 DPS

Systems Referencie Library

IBM System/360 Model 20
Disk Programming System
Disk Utility Programs

This reference publication provides programmers with
the information needed in order to use the IBM
System/360 Model 20 Disk Utility Programs. The pro-
grams described art:

1. Six file-to-file programs for transferring files
from input media to output media.

2. A disk initialization program that prepares IBM
1316 Disk Packs for use on IBN 2311 Model 11 or 12
Disk Storage Drives.

3. A program to clear one or more areas of IBN 1316
Disk Packs.

4. A program that establishes an alternate disk track
for a defective track, and transfers data from the
defective to the alternate track ("Disk Recovery").

A disk dump program that prints the contents of
data and count fields.

For a list of associated publications and their
abstracts, see IBM System/360 Model 20 Bibliography
(Form A26-3565).

This manual describes the IBM System/360 Programming System control programs.
Model 20 Disk Utility programs of the Disk Therefore, you should have a working know-
Programming System (DPS). It includes a ledge of the Systern/360 Model 20 and be
list of the machine configurations to which familiar with the publication IBM
the programs apply, and a description of System/360 Model 20, Disk Programming Sys-
each of the ten programs with specific tem, Control and Service Programs, Form
information about the control statements C24-9006. If you wish to include your own
required to tailor each program to a parti- routines you should be familiar with the
cular job. publication IBM System/360 Model 20, Disk
and Tape Programming Systems, Assembler
Ample details, t.echnical data, proce- Language, Form C24-9002" or IBM System/360
dures for program modification, and back- Model 20, Basic Assembler Language, Form
ground information are presented in the C26-3602.
A glossary is appended to explain termi-
The programs operate under control of nology used in this publication that may be
the IBM System/360 Model 20 Disk unfamiliar to you.