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Macintosh Portrait Display
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Macintosh Portrait Display
Basics International "Series B" - 1

International "Series B"
Apple produced domestic and international versions of the
Portrait Display. The troubleshooting and repair procedures
differ for each version of the monitor. This manual covers
the domestic version only. For documentation on the Portrait
Display "Series B," refer to the international manual.
Basics Monitor Distortion - 2

Monitor Distortion

All large-screen monitors are susceptible to distortions
caused by environmental conditions. These distortions are
usually not visible on monitors with smaller screens.
Ideal Raster

Important: Even monitors set to factory specifications may
appear distorted when set up in a new environment.

Common environmentally-caused distortions are shown on
this and the following pages. Always check first for
Right Edge environmental causes before attempting to repair or adjust
Not Straight a monitor with a distorted raster.
Basics Monitor Distortion - 3

Environmental Influences
The following environmental conditions may distort the
raster of a Portrait Display: