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eMate 300
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Basics Overview - 1

The eMate 300 is a portable computer that has the Newton
operating system and a tablet similar to a Newton, plus a
keyboard. Opening the lid turns eMate power on, and closing
the lid shuts eMate power off. The lid angle is adjustable to
get the best viewing position. With the eMate pen you can tap
choices, write, or draw on the screen. The keyboard keys are
similar to those found on other computers. A few special
keys found along the top of the keyboard make some
operations easier, such as scrolling, searching, and closing

It is easy to access upgradeable components through a single
back panel. Upgradeable components are the battery pack,
DRAM/Flash expansion connector, and system ROM
connector. Fragile components are easily replaced, including
the keyboard, display, tablet, and backlight assembly.
Basics Beaming and Faxing - 2

Beaming and Faxing
Infrared wireless transmission allows exchanging
information with another eMate or Newton device, or
connecting to a desktop computer. To do this, the infrared
windows need to point directly at each other and should be
less than one meter apart (closer in bright sunlight).