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File Number S360-36 (DOS>
Order No. GY24-5152-1

Program Logic


I DOS Logical Transients
Program Number 360N-CL-453

This reference publication describes the internal
logic of the IBM system/360 Disk Operating System,
Logical Transient Programs. It is for persons
involved in program maintenance and for system
programmers who are altering the program design.
Program logic information is not needed for normal
operation of these programs. This publication is
a supplement to the program listing.
Effective use of this manual requires an
understanding of IBM system/360 operation and of
IBM System/360 Disk Operating System control and
service programs, macro instructions, and
operating procedures. Reference publications for
this information are listed in the Preface.

DOS Release 25
Second Edition (April 1971)

This publication was formerly titled IBM System/360 Disk
operating System, Logical Transient Programs. Although
titles of some DOS publications (including this one) have
been simplified, the change does not affect the contents of
the publications. This edition, GY2Q-5152-1, is a major
revision of, and obsoletes, GY2Q-5152-0.
This edition applies to Release 25 of IBM System/36 0 Disk
Operating system and to all subsequent releases until
otherwise indicated in new editions or Technical Newsletters.
Changes are continually made to the specifications herein;
before using this publication in connection with the
operation of IBM systems, consult the latest System/360 and
System/370 SRL Newsletter, GN20-0360, for the editions that
are applicable and current.

Summary of Amendments
This edition documents the addition of the following
information: Private Core Image Library, System/370 MODE
Command and Recovery Management Support, Job Accounting
Interface, OLTEP (On-Line Test Executive Program), Data Set
Security, and small maintenance enhancements.
Changes or additions to the text and illustrations are
indicated by a vertical line to the left of the change.
Requests for copies of IBM publications should be made to
your tBM representative or to the IBM branch office serving
your locality.
~ form_ for reader's c~nts is provided at-the back of this
publication. If the form has been removed, comments may be
addressed to IBM corporation, Programming Publications,
Department G60, p. O. Box 6, Endicott, New York 13760.
Comments become the property of IBM.
@ Copyriqht International Business Machines Corporation 1968, 1970, 1971

This Program Logic Manual (PLM) is a Publications related in subject matter
detailed guide to the IBM Systern/360 Disk to the seven system control PLMs are:
Operating System logical transient
programs. It supplements the program
listings by providing descriptive text and