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Before servicing the refrigerator or replacing parts, unplug the unit from the
wall outlet.
Shock Hazard, observe basic safety rules.

Be sure to use the specified generic parts when servicing the product.
Confirm the Model Number on Product itself.
Inspect the mew part and assembly for Voltage, Current and temperature

During the Diagnostic and Troubleshooting phase it is recommended to do a
visual inspection of all the connections of the wiring harness to the PCB ASSY.

Check the traces of water infiltration at the electric parts.
If there is a trace of water infiltration it is necessary for you to replace the
insulation tape or harness.

Check the assemble status of parts after troubleshooting.
It should be done indiscriminately as before the repair.

Check the use circumstance of refrigerator.
If the refrigerator is installed at the place that is damp or wet, or
status of installation is unstable, change the installation place.

Do earth in case of need.
Particularly, Be sure to earth when there is a risk of an electric
leakage by humidity or wetness.

Do not use multi plugs in a plug socket at the same time.
Check if the power cord and socket is damaged, pressed, squeezed,
or fired.
If the plug or plug socket is damaged, repair or exchange that

Do not repair the refrigerator by user himself.

Do not store other materials except the foods.
Drugs or scientific materials : difficult to keep precise temperature.
The inflammables(alcohol, benzene, ether, LP gas, butane gas etc.):
have risk of explosion.

Read all instructions before repairing the product and follow the instructions
in order to prevent danger or property damage.

means "Prohibition".
Indicates that a
danger of death
Warning or serious injury
means "Do not disassemble".
means "No contact".

means "The things to
be followed".
Indicates that a risk
of personal injury means "Power cord should be
Caution or material damage unplugged from the consent"
exists. means "Earth to prevent Electric

Warning & Caution
Pull the power plug out to Use the rated components On repair, make sure that the
exchange the interior lamp on the replacement. wires such as harness are
of the refrigerator. Check the correct model, rated bundled tightly.
voltage, rated current, operating Bundle tightly wires in order not to be
It may cause electric shock. temperature and so on. detached by the external force and then not
to be wetted.



On repair, remove completely dust After repair, check the Check if there is any trace
or other things of housing parts, assembled state of components. indicating the permeation
harness parts, and check parts. It must be in the same assembled state of water.
Cleaning may prevent the possible fire by when compared with the state before If there is that kind of trace, change
tracking or short. disassembly. the related components or do the
necessary treatment
such as taping
using the
insulating tape.

Please let users know following warnings & cautions in detail.

Warning & Caution
Do not allow users to put bottles or Do not allow users to store narrow Do not allow users to store
kinds of glass in the freezer. and lengthy bottles or foods in a pharmaceutical products, scientific
small multi-purpose room. materials, etc., in the refrigerator.
Freezing of the contents may inflict a wound. It may hurt you when refrigerator door is The products which temperature control
opened and closed resulting in falling stuff should not be stored in the refrigerator.

Prohibition Prohibition Prohibition

Do not allow users to insert the Do not allow users to Do not allow users to bend the
power plugs for many products disassemble, repair or alter. power cord with excessive force
at the same time. It may cause fire or abnormal or do not have the power cord
May cause abnormal generation of operation which leads to injury. pressed by heavy article.
heat or fire. May cause fire.

Prohibition Do not

Do not allow users to store Do not allow users to install the Make sure of the earth.
articles on the product. refrigerator in the wet place or
Opening or closing the door may cause
the place where water splashes. If earthing is not done, it will cause
things to fall down, with may inflict a Deterioration of insulation of electric breakdown and electric shock.
wound. parts may cause electric shock or fire.



For proper installation, this refrigerator must be
placed on a level surface of hard material that is
the same height as the rest of the flooring. This
surface should be strong enough to support a fully
loaded refrigerator, or approximately

Protect the finish of the flooring. Cut a large
section of the cardboard carton and place
under the refrigerator where you are working.
When moving, be sure to pull the unit straight
out and push back in straight.