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ObjoctOut.mesa 2-Sep-76 12;59;59 Page 1

-- file ObjectOut.Mesa
-- last modified by Satterthwaite. May 17. 1978 9;49 AM
AltoDefs; FROM "altodefs" USING [CharsPerWord. PageSize].
BedDafs; FROM "bcddefs" USING [VersionStamp. SGRacord. FTNull].
ComData; FROM "comdata"
compilerVersion. codeSeg. defBodyLimit. definitionsOnly. fgTable,
fixupLoc. importCtx. mainCtx. moduleCtx. mtRoot. MTRootSize.
netNumber. objectVersion. rootFile. sourceFile. soureeVarsion. symSeg].
CompilerDafs: FROM "eompilerdefs".
LitDefs; FROM "litdefs" USING [CopyLiteral. ForgetLiterals].
OsStaticDefs: FROM "osstaticdefs" USING [OsStatics].
SegmentDefs; FROM "segmentdefs"
USING [FileHandle. Append. DefaultVersion. Write. NewFile. SetFileAccess].
StreamDefs: FROM "streamdefs"
StreamHandle. StreamIndex.
CreateWordStream. GetIndex. NormalizeIndex. SetIndex. WriteBlock].
StringDefs: FROM "stringdefs" USING [AppendString. WordsForString].
SymDefs; FROM "symdefs"
USING [fgHeader. FGTEntry. STHeader. WordOffset. VersionID. lL].
SymSegDefs: FROM "symsegdefs"
lttype. httype. sstype. setype. ctxtype. mdtype. bodytype. exttype,
ExtRecord. ExtIndex].
SymTabDefs; FROM "symtabdefs" USING [hashblock].
SystemDefs: FROM "systemdefs" USING [FreeSegment],
TableDefs: FROM "tabledefs"
TableBase. TableNotifier. TableSelector,
AddNotify. DropNotify. TableBounds].
TimeDefs: FROM "timedefs