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Agilent AN 1200-5
Fast Characterization of Pulse Width
Encoded Data
Application Note

Agilent Technologies 53310A
Modulation Domain Analyzer

Simplifying the Analysis of Pulse
Width Encoded Data Hist
Situation m of
"Eigh Millions
Pulse width encoding of data (also t-t of pact
by th o-Fourt pulse w
e pu e id Disc
known as pulse width modulation) is lse w en Modu th meas Play
idth's lat ur
value ion" cod ements back
used in a wide variety of applications for e ing ar of
asy e
exam arrang
such as compact disk players, motor Dete inatio ed
% Pr A qu rmin
speed control circuits, switching obab ick g e Co
ility each lance sh de U
code ow sage
power supplies, and automotive with s the re
in th la
e da tive us
antilock brake systems. As designers ta s a
amp ge of
attempt to drive costs down in these
products, they will make ever increas-
ing demands on their suppliers for
the same or better component per-
formance at lower prices. Thus, both
designers and suppliers will need a
quick and easy method to evaluate
these new lower-cost devices and
their system performance. See
Corr rror Puls
ectio Mea
n e
Quic n Ne Std 1.55