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File No. S360-20
Form C28-2003-3

Systems Reference Library

IBM System/360 Time Sharing System
Concepts and Facilities

Time Sharing System/360 is a comprehensive programming
system used in conjunction with IBM System/360 computers that
have time-sharing features, TSS/360 comprises a supervisory pro-
gram, a group of service programs, and a group ,of user programs.
The supervisory program controls operation of the system and
provides the time-sharing environment. The service programs
perform task- and --lata-management functions in response to
user or system reqpests. The user programs perform language
processing:' linkage editing, and other work defined by the user's
problem programs.
The primary purpose of TSS/360 is to provide many users with
simultaneous conversational (on-line) access to a computing sys-
tem that ma~.' have a single processor, or multiple processors. The
combination of' machine and program features gives each user
the impression that he has sole possession of the system. He uses
the system as if it had a directly accessible main-storage address-
ing space equal to the addressing capability of the system,
rather than its actual main-storage capacity.
While the system is olJerating conversationally, for many si-
multaneous users, it can also operate nonconversationally, with
batch-tY!Jp processing jobs, in the background.

This publication is an introduction to Time Sharing each TSS/360 publication, and outlines the intended
System/360, and is directed to managers, administra- reading series for each type of user.
tors, operators, system monitors, and all users, in-