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File No. S370-32
Order No. GC35-0005-3

Systems OS/VS Utilities
VS1 Release 3
VS2 Release 2
Fourth Edition (July 1974)

This is a reprint of GC35-0005-2 incorporating changes released in technical newsletters
GN35-0015-0 (dated December 14, 1973) and GN26-0775 (dated April 30, 1974).

This edition applies to Release 3 of OS/VSL and to all subsequent releases unless otherwLse
indicated in new editions or technical newsletters. Information about Release 2 of OS/VS2 is
for planning purposes only until such time as support is available.

A change to the text is indicated by a vertical line to the left of the change; a changed
illustration is denoted by a vertical line to the left of the caption.

Information in this publication is subject to significant change. Any such changes will be
published in new editions or technical newsletters. Before using the publication, consult the
latest IBM System/360 and System/370 Bibliography, GA22-6S22, and the technical
newsletters that amend the bibliography, to learn which editions, and technical newsletters are
applicable and current.

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