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DJ-1400 Service Manual
1) General 2 1) VCO Unit 24
2) Transmitter. 2 2) JACK Unit 24
3) Receiver 2 3) PTT Unit Side B 24
4) Functions for Each Version 3 4) PS Unit 25
1) Receiver System 4 6) ROM2 Unit Side B 25
2) PLL VCO Circuit. 5 7) RF Unit Side A 26
3) Transmitter System 5 8) RF Unit Side B 27
4) DTMF Encoder Circuit (option). 6 9) CPU Unit Side A. 28
5) Tone Squelch Circuit (option) 6 10) CPU Unit Side B 29
6) Microprocessor and Peripheral Circuit 6 11) RE Unit 30
7) Terminal Function of Microprocessor 7 12) CTCSS UniL 30
1) LR408721 10 PARTS LAST
2) M5218FP 10 CPU unit 32
3) M5236ML. 10 PS unit. 32
4) MB1504LPF 11 ROM1 Unit 33
5) MC3357 11 DTMF Unit 33
6) MX365 12 RF Unit 33 ~ 36
7) NJM386 13 Vco unit 37
8) RH5VA32AA. 13 CTCSS Unit 37
9) RH5VA45AA. 13 PTT SW Unit 38
10) X24C01A 14 JACK Unit 38
11) X24C04S14 14 RE Unit 38
12) X24C16S14 14 Others 38
13) Transistor, Diode and LED Outline Draw 15 ROM2 Unit. 38
14) LCD Connection. 16 PACKING 38
EXPLODED VIEW Parts Table for Each Version. 39
1) Rear Case 1 17 ADJUSTMENT
2) LCD 17 1) Required Test Equipment. 40
3) Rear Case 2 18 2) Before Adjustment 40
4) Front Case 1 19 3) Adjustment for DJ180, DJ1400 41
5) Front Case 2 20 4) Adjustment for DJ1400AN/QN 42
6) Front Case 3 and Battery Terminal 21 5) Adjustment Quick Reference 43
7) Ten Key Cover and Key Pad Panel 22 6) Adjustment Points. 43 ~ 44
8) CTCSS Unit and ROM1 Unit 23


Tel (81)6-6946-8150 fax (81)6-6946-8175
e-mail: [email protected]
1) General
Frequency Coverage:
RX: 137.000 ~ 173.995MHz (T, TM version)
TX: 144.000 ~ 147.995MHz (T, TM version)
RX: 137.000 ~ 173.995MHz (TA, TB, TA2, TB2 version)
TX: 137.000 ~ 173.995MHz (TA, TB, TA2, TB2 version)
RX/TX: 144.000~145.995MHz(TS, TSA, TZ, E, EA, EB version)

Frequency Resolution: 5, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25kHz steps
Memory Channels: 10 Channels (standard)
Antenna Impedance: 50 ohm unbalanced
Signal Type: F3E(FM)
Power Supply Requirement:DC 5.5V~13.8V (Rated 7.2V Ni-Cd)
Dimensions: Approximately 132(H) x 58(W) x 33(D) mm
Weight : Approximately 350g

2) Transmitter
Output Power.I 5.0W with Optional 12V Ni-Cd Battery
2.0W with Standard 7.2V Ni-Cd Battery
(160.000~165.000MHz)... TA2, TB2 only

Modulation System: Variable Reactance Frequency Modulation
Max. Frequency Deviation: +/ -5kHz
Tone Frequency: 67.0 to 250.3Hz -38 Subaudible Encoding Tones
(E, EA, EB version: option)
DTMF Encoder: (TZ, EB version: option)
Tone Burst: (E, EA, EB version only)

3) Receiver
Receiver System: Double-Conversion Superheterodyne
Intermediate Frequency.' 1st IF: 21.4MHz
2nd IF: 455kHz
Sensitivity: 12dB SINAD less than -10dBu
(160.000~165.000MHz)... TA2, TB2 only

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DJ-1400QN / AN (The Narrow Version)
1) General
Frequency Coverage:
136.000 ~ 155.000MHz (AN version)
150.000 ~ 173.995MHz (QN version)

Frequency Resolution: 5, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25kHz steps
Memory Channels: 10 Channels (standard)/option 50 and 200ch
Antenna Impedance: 50 ohm unbalanced
Signal Type: F3E(FM)
Power Supply Requirement:DC 5.5V~13.8V (Rated 7.2V Ni-Cd)
Dimensions: Approximately 132(H) x 58(W) x 33(D) mm
Weight : Approximately 350g

2) Transmitter
Output Power.I 5.0W with Optional 12V Ni-Cd Battery
2.0W with Standard 7.2V Ni-Cd Battery

Modulation System: Variable Reactance Frequency Modulation
Max. Frequency Deviation: +/ -2.5kHz
Tone Frequency: 67.0 to 250.3Hz -38 Subaudible Encoding Tones
Time Out Timer 0 to 450 sec
Time Out Penalty 0 to 15 sec

3) Receiver
Receiver System: Double-Conversion Superheterodyne
Intermediate Frequency.' 1st IF: 21.4MHz
2nd IF: 455kHz
Sensitivity: 12dB SINAD less than -16dBu
AF Output 200mW (10% THD)

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4) Functions for Each Version

RX TX Final
Function Frequency Frequency Tone Operatio
Version Range Range(facto Burst CTCSS DTMF BAND n
DJ-180T 130~174 144~148 x O O R+LA
DJ-180TA 130~174 130~174 x O O R+LA
DJ-180TA2 130~174 130~174 x O O H R+LA
DJ-180TB 130~174 130~174 x O O R+LA
DJ-180TB2 130~174 130~174 x O O H R+LA
DJ-180TM 130~174 144~148 x O O R+LA
DJ-180TS 144~146 144~146 x O O R
DJ-180TSA 144~146 144~146 x O O R
DJ-180TZ 144~146 144~146 x O x(with16keys) R
DJ-180E 144~146 144~148 O A(option) O R
DJ-180EA 144~146 144~146 O A(option) O R
DJ-180EB 144~146 144~146 O A(option) x R
DJ-1400 130~174 130~174 x O x R+LA
DJ-1400A 130~174 130~174 x O x R+LA
DJ-1400B 130~174 130~174 x X x R+LA
DJ-1400F 130~174 130~174 x O x R+LA
DJ-1400G 130~174 130~174 x X x R+LA
DJ-1400TM 130~174 130~174 x O x R+LA
DJ-1400AN 136~155 130~174 x O x R+LA
DJ-1400QN 150~174 130~174 x O x R+LA

Final Operation
R: Press and hold the ''F'' key and turn on the radio.
R+LA: Press and hold the ''F'' and "LAMP" keys and turn on the radio.
Note: The expanded frequency will return to the initial setting' if you reset the radio with.."R" operation after
'R + LA'' operation. To resume the expanded frequency . reset the radio again with..R + LA"
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1) Receiver System
The receiver system is the double superheterodyne.
The first IF is 21.4MHz andthe second IF is 455kHz.

1. Front End The signal from the antenna is passed through a low-pass fitter and input to
the RF coil L4.
The signal trom L4 is amplified by Q1 and led to the band passtilter (L5, L6,
L7), and led to the first mixer gate of Q2.

2. First Mixer The amplified signal (fo) by Q1 is mixed with the first local oscillator signal
(fo -21.4MHz) from the PLL circuit by the first-stage mixer Q2 and so is
converted into the first IF signal.
The unwanted frequency band of the first IF signal is eliminated by the
monolithic crystal filter (XF1), and led to IF amplifier Q3.

3. IF Amplifier The first IF signal is amplified by Q3, and inputto pin16 of IC1, where it is
mixed with the second local oscillator signal (21.855MHz) and so is con-
verted into the second IF signal (455kHz).
The second lF signal is output from pin3 of IC1, and unwanted frequency
band of the second lF signal is eliminated by a ceramic filter (FL1).
The resulting signal is then amplified by the second lF limiting amplifier, and
detected by quadrature circuit. The audio signal is output from ping of IC1.

4. Audio Circuit The detected signal from IC1 is passed through the low-pass filter and led to
the flat amplifier Q13. When the optional Tone Squelch unit is equipped, the
tone signal is eliminated by lC701.
Q13 is switched ON/OFF by AFC slgnal from CPU.
The audio signal is input to the main volume (VR3) and amplified by the
power amplifier IC3 to drive the speaker.
The power supply voltage of IC3 is limited by AF regulator consisting of Q14
and Q15 to prevent the speaker from overdriving. The power supply voltage
of IC3 is switched ON/OFF by AFP signal.

5. Squelch Circuit The noise in the audio signal from IC1 is passed through the squelch control
variable resistor (VR4) and input to pin10 of IC1. The audio signal is ampli-
fied by filter amplifier of IC1 and output to pin11. The desired noise of the
audio signal is eliminated by the high-pass filter and amplified by Q12. The
resulting signal is rectified by D13 and then input to pin12 of IC1. When the
squelch circuit is close, pin13 of ICl goes to "low". When the squelch circuit
is open or a signal is received, pin13 goes to "high", then the signal of pin13
is led to CPU.

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2) PLL, VCO Circuit
Output frequency of PLL circuit is set by the serial data (pin9: clock, pin10:
data, pin11 : toad enable) from microprocessor.
PLL circuit consists of VCO Q201, buffer amplifier Q202 and Q17.
When PLL is locked, pin7 of IC2 goesto "high" and UNLOCK SW Q19
becomes OFF, then T.MUTE signal goes to "low".
The pulse wave output of charge pump is converted to DC voltage by PLL
loop filter circuit, and supplied to D201 , D202 of varicap diode in VCO unit.
The VCO tune voltage is applied to the varicaps D3, D4, D5 and D6 in the
The frequency modulation is executed when the audio signal voltage is
supplied to the varicaps D201, D202 and D203.

3) Transmitter System
1. Microphone The voice from the internal or external microphone is led to the pre-empha-
Amplifier sis circuit, and then input to the microphone amplifier IC4, which consists of
two operational amplifiers.
The amplified signal is input to the low.pass filter lC4.
The output from the microphone amplifier is passed through variable resis-
tors VR2 tor modulation adjustment to varicap diode of the VCO, contromng
the VCO frequency.

2. Power Amplifier The signal from VCO is amplified by buffer amplifiers Q4 and Q5, and input
to the buffer amplifiers Q6 and input to the power amplifier Q7. The amplified
signal is output from Q7, and then passed through the low-pass filter, the an-
tenna switch circuit and the output low-pass tilter. The unwanted harmonies
frequency signal is eliminated by the low-pass fitter and input to the antenna.
The LC matching circuits located between amplifiers of the transmitting
circuit make the transmission smooth.

3. Automatic Power
Control Circuit The automatic power control(APC) circuit is used to obtain a stable transmis-
sion power. This circuit detects the transmission power by D8 in the low-
pass filter consisting of L18, L19, C59, and C64. The detected DC voltage is
supplied to APC circuit. When the detected voltage goes higher than the
settled voltage, the bias voltage of APC amplifier Q9 goes to low. The
collector voltage of APC amplifier Q10 goes to low and the power supply
voltage of Q5 goes to low, and output power becomes small to prevent from
the over power.
At low power the Power Control Switch Q8 lets the base voltage of APC
DET Q11 and the collector voltage of APC AMP Q10 down, also switches
between high power and low power, and inhibits the transmission.

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4) DTMF Encoder Circuit (option)
The DTMF signal corresponding to the combination of the column and row is
output from tone output pin17 of IC401 Encoder, producing a frequency-
modulated RF output. The Q401 switches the DTMF Encoder when lC401 is
active during DTMF transmission.

5) Tone Squelch Circuit (option)
The second IF signalfrom pin11 of IC1, and input to the tone squelch
decoder lC701.
When the tone squelch decoder IC701 decodes the input tone signal fre-
quency as the programmed frequency, pin13 goes to "Low". The signal is
input to pin16(DET) of lC107, and the squelch goes off.
When the Tone squelch decoder IC701 does not decode the input tone
signal frequency as the programmed frequency, pin13 goes to "High".

2. Encoder
The tone signal is output from pin16 of IC701, producing a frequency-
modulated RF output.

6) Microprocessor (CPU) and Peripheral Circuit
Refer to "Terminal Function of Microprocessor" about each terminal func-

1, BS Mode When the Squelch is closed for more than 5 seconds, the radio goes into the
BS(Battery Save) mode automatically. Pin11 (R5C) and pin19 become High
or Low periodically. Open the Squelch, and the radio does not go into the
BS mode.

2. Backup Reset
When the voltage detector circuit lC303 detects a decrease in the C5V line,
CPU RAM data is stored in the EEPROM IC, IC601. IC 302 is also the
voltage detector circuit and it detects the lower voltage than IC303. The
circuit detects a increase in the C5V line when power is turned on, and then
the CPU will be initialized.

3. Reset
Press and holdthe."F" key, then turn on the power. The radio will reset to
initial factory settings.
Even if you expanded the frequency, it will return to the initial setting. To
resume the expanded frequency, press and hold the "F" and "Lamp" keys,
then turn on the power.

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7) Terminal Function of Microprocesser
Name I/O Description PinNo. PinName H L
TBST O 1750Hz Tone Burst Output 9 P57/PWM3 Normal:H(HiZ) Output:Pluse
BEEP O Beep Tone Output 10 P56/PWM2 Normal:H(HiZ) Output:Pluse
AFP O AF Power Amplifier ON/OFF 13 P53/SIG ON OFF
AFC O IF Mute Output 14 P52/CNT2 Mute OFF Mute ON
during Tone Burst
M.MUTE O Microphone Mute Output 15 P5l/CNT1 Tansmission Normal
RE1 I Rotary Encoder Input 1 16 P50/INT3
LAMP O Lamp ON/OFF Switch 17 P37/SRDY ON OFF
BAT I Battery Low lndicator Input 18 P36/CLK Low Normal
EICD I EEPROM Unit Detection 20 P34/SIN Equipped Nothing
XWR I External EEPROM Write Cycle Detection 21 P33rr Normal Write cycle
RE2 I Rotary Encoder Input 2 22 P32/INT2
SCOM O Band Plan Scan Output 23 P3l/XCIN H(Hiz) Low Active
P.H/L O Transmit Power Switch 24 P30/XCOUT Low Power High Power
BU I Back up Mode Input 25 INT1 Normal Negative Edge Triggered
26 CNVss
RES I Reset Input 27 RESET at Work on Reset
Clock Input 3.58MHz 28 XIN
Clock Output 3.58MHz 29 XOUT
Ground 30 Vss
TSQD I Tone Detecton Input 31 P17 Undetected Detected
TICD I Tone Unit Detection 32 P16 Nothing Equipped
BP1 I Band Plan(TX) 33 P15 Expanded Normal
BP2 I Band Plan(RX) 34 P14 Expanded Normal
BP3 I Band PIan(TX,RX) 35 P13 Expanded Normal
BP4 I Band Plan(Channelstep) 36 P12 Expanded Normal
BP5 I Band Plan(OffsetFreq.) 37 P11 Expanded Normal
CH I Band Plan(ChanneIDisp.) 38 P10 Expanded Normal
SLC O CIock for EEPROM IC 39 P07 Normal:Hiz Output: Pluse
SDA I/O Data for EEPROM IC 40 P06 Normal:Hiz Output: Pluse
CLK O Clock for PLL,TONE IC 41 P05 Output:Pluse Normal:L
DTA O Data for PLL,TONE IC 42 P04 Output:Pluse Normal:L
STB1 O Strobe for PLL IC 43 P03 Output:Pluse Normal:L
STB2 O Strobe for TONE IC 44 P02 Output:Pluse Normal:L
FUNC I Function Key Input 45 P0l OFF ON
SD I Signal Detection Input 46 P00 Received Nothing
TBST I Tone Burst Key Input 47 P27 OFF ON
PTT I PTT Key Input 54 P20 OFF ON
55 VL3
56 VL2
57 VL1
COM0 O Common Output 58 COM0
COM1 O Common Output 59 COM1
COM2 O Common Output 60 COM2
61 COM3
SEG0 O Segment Output 62 SEGO
SEG1 O Segment Output 63 SEGl
SEG2 O Segment Output 64 SEG2
SEG3 O Segment Output 65 SEG3
SEG4 O Segment Output 66 SEG4
SEG5 O Segment Output 67 SEG5
SEG6 O Segment Output 68 SEG6
SEG7 O Segment Output 69 SEG7
SEG8 O Segment Output 70 SEG8
SEG9 O Segment Output 71 SEG9
SEG10 O Segment Output 72 SEG10
SEG11 O Segment Output 73 SEG11
SEG12 O Segment Output 74 SEG12/P43
SEG13 O Segment Output 75 SEG13/P42
SEG14 O Segment Output 76 SEGl4/P4l
SEG15 O Segment Output 77 SEG15/P40
SEG16 O Segment Output 78 SEG16/IN7
SEG17 O Segment Output 79 SEG17/IN6
SEG18 O Segment Output 80 SEG18/IN5
SEG19 O Segment Output 1 SEG19/lN4
SEG20 O Segment Output 2 SEG20/IN3
SEG2l O Segment Output 3 SEG21/IN2
SEG22 O Segment Output 4 SEG22/IN1
SEG23 O Segment Output 5 SEG23/IN0
Ground 6 AVss
+4V 7 Vref
+4V 8 Vcc

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(DJ180...) (PAGE 22)

DP0111 (1400AN/QN)

DS0357 (DJ180T)

PS unit


Page 21
(180EB, 1400 ...)





1 1

1 1
UP0220 (1/2)

UP0220 (1/2)

UP0220 (1/2)
(UP0221) 1/2
UP0221 (1/2)
UP0220 (1/2)




- -
- -
1 1

R376 W303 W303
UP0220 (1/2)


- -
1 1

- -
- -

UP0221 (1/2)

UP0221 (1/2)
Ref No Parts No. Description Parts Name Ver Ref No Parts No. Description Parts Name Ver
CPU Unit UP0220 1/2 R323 RK3058 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ473V
C301 CU3059 Chip C. C1608JF1E104ZT-A R324 RK3058 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ473V
C302 CS0333 Chip Tantal ECST0JV686R R325 RK3062 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ104V
C303 CU3047 Chip C. C1608JB1H103KT-A R326 RK3052 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ153V
C304 CS0277 Chip Tantal ECST1CY105R R327 E
C305 CU3047 Chip C. C1608JB1H103KT-A R328 T/1400
C306 CU3051 Chip C. C1608JB1E223KTA - R329 RK3070 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ474V
C307 CU3051 Chip C. C1608JB1E223KT-A R330 RK3038 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ102V
C308 CU3085 Chip C. C1608CH1H300JT-A R331 RK3038 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ102V
C309 CU3085 Chip C. C1608CH1H300JT-A R332 RK3038 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ102V
C310 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A R334 RK3052 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ153V
CN301 UE0143 Connector AXN93030001 R338 RK3056 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ333V
CN302 UE0129 Connector DF9A-9S-1 V (22) R345 RK3051 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ123V
CN303 UE0130 Connector DF9A-11S-1V (22) R362 RK3046 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ472V
CN304 UE0147 Connector TE 1608-PI28G05 R371 - E
CN305 UE0144 Connector TE 1208-Pl28G02 R372 - E
CN306 UE0147 Connector TE 1608-PI28G05 R373 - T/1400
D301 XD0134 Diode RB450FT106 R374 RK3001 Chip R. ERJ3GSY0R00V
D302 XD0057 Diode 1SS184 R375 RK3001 Chip R. ERJ3GSY0R00V
D305 XL0016 LED SLM-1 3MWSFT96B R376 RK3001 Chip R. ERJ3GSY0R00V
D307 XD0103 Diode 1SS226TE85L X301 XB0008 Crystal CSAC3.58MGC-TC
D308 XD0103 Diode 1SS226TE85L W301 MPCKH8AA Wire DJ-180 J301 (T series) T
D309 XD0103 Diode 1SS226TE85L W302 MTCK03AA Wire DJ-180 J302 (E series) E
IC301 XA0222 IC M37410M4H331 FP W303 MPCK03AA Wire DJ-180 J302 (1400 series 1400
IC301 XA0508 IC M37410M4H332 FP AN/QN
IC303 XA0208 IC RH5VA45AA-T 1 EL0020A LCD DJ145 (E/1400 series)
IC304 XA0198 IC R H 5VA32AA-T 1 EY0015 Microphone KUC2223-01 -0030
Q301 XT0095 Trangistor 2SC4081T106R FF0022 Cloth(BLIND LCD)
Q302 XU0038 Trangistor UN2214-TX DH0008 Lighting plate
Q303 XU0040 Trangistor UN211H-TX FG0099 Rubber Connector
Q304 XU0038 Trangistor UN2214-TX ST0031 LCD Flame
Q305 XT0095 Trangistor 2SC4081T106R
R301 RK3054 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ223V
R302 RK3050 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ103V
R303 RK3052 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ153V
R303 RK3055 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ273V AN/QN
R304 RK3058 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ473V
R307 RK3031 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ271V
R309 RK3074 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ105V
R310 RK3056 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ333V
R311 RK3074 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ105V
R312 RK3038 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ102V
R313 RK3038 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ102V
R314 RK3056 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ333V
R315 RK3056 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ333V
R316 RK3074 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ105V
R317 RK3050 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ103V PS Unit UP0220 1/2
R318 RK3038 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ102V W901 UX1034 Wire DJ145
R319 RK3036 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ681V AF0020 02+3FeNi
R320 RK3046 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ472V FM0063 Rear Case
R321 RK3062 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ104V SD0025 Plus Terminal
R322 RK3058 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ473V YZ0044 Screw Lock 1401C
Page 32
ROM1 Unit / DTMF Unit / RF Unit
Ref No Parts No. Description Parts Name Ver Ref No Parts No. Description Parts Name Ver
ROM1 Unit UP0220 1/2 all RF Unit UP0221
CN601 UE0132 Connector DF9A-9P-1V C2 CU3004 Chip C. C1608CH1H030CT-A
IC601 XA0363 IC AT24C01A-10SI-2.7 C3 CU3018 Chip C. C1608CH1H390JT-A
R601 RK3062 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ104V C4 CU3003 Chip C. C1608CH1H020CT-A
R602 RK3062 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ104V C5 CU3017 Chip C. C1608CH1H330JT-A
DTMF Unit UP0220 1/2 C6 CU3023 Chip C. C1608CH1H101JT-A
C401 CS0256 Chip Tantal ECST1AY225R DJ180 C7 CU3013 Chip C. C1608CH1H150JT-A
C403 CU3047 Chip C. C1608JB1H103KT-A DJ180 C8 CU3025 Chip C. C1608CH1H151JT-A
IC401 XA0042 IC LR408721 DJ180 C10 CU3015 Chip C. C1608CH1H220JT-A
Q401 XU0041 Digital T. XN1A312-TX DJ180 C11 CU3017 Chip C. C1608CH1H330JT-A
R401 RK3058 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ473V DJ180 C12 CU3003 Chip C. C1608CH1H020CT-A
R402 RK3058 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ473V DJ180 C13 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
VR401 RH0103 Trim.Pot EVM1YSX50B14 DJ180 C14 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
W401 UX1036 Wire DJ-145N DJ180 C15 CU3017 Chip C. C1608CH1H330JT-A
X401 XB0001 Crystal FARC4CAO3580000KO 1 R DJ180 C16 CU3003 Chip C. C1608CH1H020CT-A
AF0020 02+3FeNi DJ180 C17 CU3017 Chip C. C1608CH1H330JT-A
FG0101AZ SiliconTenKey DJ180 EC25 CU3059 Chip C. C1608JF1E104ZT-A
KM0138 Keypad Panel DJ180 EC26 CU3047 Chip C. C1608JB1H103KT-A
TW0003 Water Proof Cushion C27 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
KM0136 Keypad Panel 1400 C28 CU3004 Chip C. C1608CH1H030CT-A Wide
C28 CU3011 Chip C. C1608CH1H100DT-A Narrow
C29 CU3047 Chip C. C1608JB1H103KT-A
C30 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C31 CU3006 Chip C. C1608CH1H050CT-A
C32 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C33 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C34 CU3013 Chip C. C1608CH1H150JT-A
C35 CU3013 Chip C. C1608CH1H150JT-A
C36 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C37 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C38 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C39 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C40 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C41 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C42 CU3015 Chip C. C1608CH1H220JT-A
C43 CU3013 Chip C. C1608CH1H150JT-A
C44 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C45 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C46 CU3015 Chip C. C1608CH1H220JT-A
C46 CU3013 Chip C. C1608CH1H150JT-A 2/TB2
C47 CU3016 Chip C. C1608CH1H270JT-A
C48 CU3019 Chip C. C1608CH1H470JT-A
C48 CU3018 Chip C. C1608CH1H390JT-A 2/TB2
C49 CU3035 Chip C. C1608CH1H102KT-A
C50 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C51 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C52 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C53 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C54 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C55 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C56 CU3017 Chip C. C1608CH1H330JT-A
C56 CU3016 Chip C. C1608CH1H270JT-A 2/TB2
C57 CU3023 Chip C. C1608CH1H101JT-A
C58 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C59 CU3017 Chip C. C1608CH1H330JT-A
C59 CU3016 Chip C. C1608CH1H270JT-A 2/TB2
C60 CU3002 Chip C. C1608CH1H010CT-A
C61 CU3002 Chip C. C1608CH1H010CT-A
C62 CU3005 Chip C. C1608CH1H040CT-A
Page 33
RF Unit RF Unit
Ref No Parts No. Description Parts Name Ver Ref No Parts No. Description Parts Name Ver
C63 CU3005 Chip C. C1608CH1H040CT-A C129 CU3023 Chip C. C1608CH1H101JT-A
C64 CU3017 Chip C. C1608CH1H330JT-A C130 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C65 CE0204 Chip Tantal ECEA1CKA107 C131 CS0329 Chip Tantal ECS0JX106R
C67 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A C132 CU3016 Chip C. C1608CH1H270JT-A
C68 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A C133 CU3017 Chip C. C1608CH1H330JT-A
C69 CS0277 Chip Tantal ECST1CY105R C134 CS0329 Chip Tantal ECS0JX106R
C70 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A C135 CS0256 Chip Tantal ECS1AY225R
C71 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A C136 CU3047 Chip C. C1608JB1H103KT-A
C72 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A C137 CS0258 Chip Tantal ECST1AX475R
C75 CU3059 Chip C. C1608JF1E104ZT-4 C138 CU3047 Chip C. C1608JF1E104ZT-4
C76 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A C139 CS0307 Chip Tantal ECST1VY104R
C80 CU3021 Chip C. C1608CH1H680JT-A C140 CU3059 Chip C. C1608JF1E104ZTA
C81 CU3015 Chip C. C1608CH1H220JT-A C141 CU3051 Chip C. C1608JB1E223KT-A
C82 CU3059 Chip C. C1608JF1E104ZT-4 C142 CU3051 Chip C. C1608JB1E223KT-A
C83 CU3059 Chip C. C1608JF1E104ZT-4 C143 CS0277 Chip Tantal ECST1CY105R
C84 CU3024 Chip C. C1608CH1H121JT-A C144 CU3019 Chip C. C1608CH1H470JT-A
C85 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A C145 CS0277 Chip Tantal ECST1CY105R
C86 CU3019 Chip C. C1608CH1H470JT-A C146 CS0277 Chip Tantal ECST1CY105R
C87 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A C147 CU3059 Chip C. C1608JF1E104ZTA
C88 CU3047 Chip C. C1608JB1H103KT-A C148 CU3047 Chip C. C1608JB1H103KT-A
C89 CU3047 Chip C. C1608JB1H103KT-A C149 CU3059 Chip C. C1608JF1E104ZT-A
C90 CU3047 Chip C. C1608JB1H103KT-A C150 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C91 CU3059 Chip C. C1608JF1E104ZT-4 C151 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C92 CS0277 Chip Tantal ECST1CY105R C152 CU3024 Chip C. C1608CH1H121JT-A
C93 CU3029 Chip C. C1608JB1H331KT-A C153 CU3039 Chip C. C1608JB1H222KT-A
C94 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A C154 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C95 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A C155 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C96 CS0307 Chip Tantal ECST1VY104R C156 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C97 CU3051 Chip C. C1608JB1E223KT-A C157 CU3047 Chip C. C1608JB1H103KT-A
C98 CU3059 Chip C. C1608JF1E104ZT-4 C158 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C99 CU3059 Chip C. C1608JF1E104ZT-4 C159 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KTA
C100 CS0331 Chip Tantal ECST0JC336R C160 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C101 CU3047 Chip C. C1608JB1H103KT-A C161 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C102 CU3059 Chip C. C1608JF1E104ZT-A C162 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C103 CU3059 Chip C. C1608JF1E104ZT-4 C163 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C104 CU3047 Chip C. C1608JB1H103KT-A C164 CS0331 Chip Tantal ECST0JC336R
C105 CU3039 Chip C. C1608JB1H222KT-A C165 CS0277 Chip Tantal ECST1CY105R
C106 CS0277 Chip Tantal ECST1CY105R C166 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C107 CU3059 Chip C. C1608JF1E104ZT-4 C167 CU3047 Chip C. C1608JB1H103KT-A
C108 CE0307 Chip Tantal ECEV0JA476P C168 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A
C109 CU3051 Chip C. C1608JB1E223KT-A CN1 UE0143 Connector AXN93030001
C110 CE0307 Chip Tantal ECEV0JA476P D1 XD0066 Diode RLS135-TE-11
C111 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A D2 XD0066 Diode RLS135-TE-11
C112 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A D3 XD0233 Diode 1SV217TPH4
C113 CS0277 Chip Tantal ECST1CY105R D4 XD0233 Diode 1SV217TPH4
C114 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A D5 XD0233 Diode 1SV217TPH4
C120 CS3011 Chip Tantal C1608CH1H100DTA D6 XD0233 Diode 1SV217TPH4
C121 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A D7 XD0066 Diode RLS135-TE-11
C122 CU3002 Chip C. C1608CH1H010CT-A D8 XD0120 Diode MA704WKTX
C124 CU3CN)2 Chip C. C1608CH1H010CT-A D10 XD0057 Diode 1SS184TE85L
C125 CS0277 Chip Tantal ECST1CY105R D11 XD0147 Diode DTZ2.4ATT11
C126 CU3011 Chip C. C1608CH1H100DT-A D12 XD0129 Diode 1SS318TT11
C127 CU3023 Chip C. C1608CH1H101JT-A
C128 CU3023 Chip C. C1608CH1H101JT-A
RF Unit RF Unit
Ref No Parts No. Description Parts Name Ver Ref No Parts No. Description Parts Name Ver
D13 XD0118 Diode MA716-TW Q21 XT0088 Transistor 2SA1213YTE12L
D14 XD0137 Diode DTZ6.2ATT11 Q22 XU0038 Transistor UN2214-TX
D15 XD0272 Diode 1SS356 TW11 Q23 XU0036 Transistor XN111F-TX
FB1 QB0008 Ferrite Bead HF30ACB201 209-T Q24 XU0035 Transistor XN1214-TX
FB2 QB0008 Ferrite Bead HF30ACB201 209-T R1 RK3074 Chip R. ERJ3G3YJ105V
FL1 XC0004 Fitter CFUM455E Wide R2 RK3074 Chip R. ERJ3G3YJ105V
FL1 XC0006 Fitter CFUM455G Narrow R3 RK3018 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ220V
IC1 XA0063 IC MC3357DR R4 RK3018 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ220V
IC2 XA0145 IC MB1504LPF-G-BND-TF R5 RK3074 Chip R. ERJ3G3YJ105V
IC3 XA0061 IC NJM386M.T1 R6 RK3074 Chip R. ERJ3G3YJ105V
IC4 XA0068 IC M5218FP-TO1-1 R7 RK3042 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ222V
IC5 XA0104 IC M5236 M L-T73A-36 R8 RK3022 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ470V
L1 QKA35D Coil MR3.0-3.5T-0.6 R9 RK3050 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ103V
L2 QKA35D Coil MR3.0-3.5T-0.6 R11 RK3038 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ102V wide
L3 QKA45D Coil MR3.0-4.5T-0.6 R11 RK3037 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ821V narrow
L4 QA0079 RF Coil QA0079 R12 RK3072 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ684V
L5 QA0078 RF Coil QA0078 R13 RK3038 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ102V
L6 QA0078 RF Coil QA0078 R15 RK3001 Chip R. ERJ3GSY0R00V
L7 QA0078 RF Coil QA0078 R16 RK3050 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ103V
L9 QC0010 Chip L. MLF3216E100M R17 RK3046 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ472V
L10 QC0009 Chip L. MLF3216DR10M R18 RK3030 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ221V
L11 QC0139 Chip L. MLF3216DR22M R19 RK3038 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ102V
L12 QKA45D Coil MR3.0-4.5T-0.6 R20 RK3034 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ471V
L13 QKA35D Coil MR3.0-3.5T-0.6 R21 RK3034 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ471V
L14 QKA35D Coil MR3.0-3.5T-0.6 R22 RK3010 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ4R7V
L15 QKA15D Coil MR3.0-1.5T-0.6 R23 RK3034 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ471V
L16 QKA25D Coil MR3.0-2.5T-0.6 R24 RK3010 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ4R7V
L17 QC0003 Chip L. MLF3216A1R0M R25 RK3028 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ151V
L18 QKA25D Coil MR3.0-2.5T-0.6 R26 RK3026 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ101V
L19 QKA15C Coil MR2.5-1.5T-0.5 R27 RK1108 Chip R. ERJ8GEYJ4R7V
L19 QKA15B Coil MR2.0 1.5T 0.5 QN R28 RK3022 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ470V
Q1 XE0009 FET 2SK302-GR(TE85L) R29 RK0022 Chip R. ERJ6GEYJ221V
Q2 XE0009 FET 2SK302-GR(TE85L) R30 RK3058 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ473V
Q3 XT0096 Transistor 2SC4099T1 06N R31 RK3058 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ473V
Q4 XT0030 Transistor 2SC3356T1BR24/25 R33 RK3053 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ183V
Q5 XT0030 Transistor 2SC3356T1BR24/25 R34 RK3042 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ222V
Q6 XT0052 Transistor 2SC2053 R36 RK3054 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ223V
Q7 XT0101 Transistor 2SC1971 R37 RK3050 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ103V
Q8 XU0035 Transistor XN1214-TX R38 RK3054 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ223V
Q9 XU0037 Transistor UN2215-TX R39 RK3038 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ102V
Q10 XT0068 Transistor 2SA1162GRTE85L R40 RK3050 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ103V
Q11 XU0034 Transistor XN1401-TX R41 RK3030 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ221V
Q12 XT0095 Transistor 2SC4081T106R R50 RK3058 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ473V
Q13 XT0095 Transistor 2SC4081T106R R51 RK3040 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ152V
Q14 XT0095 Transistor 2SC4081T106R R52 RK3040 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ152V
Q15 XT0088 Transistor 2SA1213YTE12L R53 RK3058 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ473V
Q16 XU0038 Transistor UN2214TX R54 RK3040 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ152V
Q17 XT0097 Transistor 2SC4393TE85R R56 RK3038 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ102V
Q18 XT0096 Transistor 2SC4099T1 06N R57 RK3074 Chip R. ERJ3G3YJ105V
Q19 XU0039 Transistor UN211L-TX R58 RK3050 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ103V
Q20 XT0088 Transistor 2SA1213YTE12L R59 RK3038 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ102V
R60 RK3042 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ222V
R61 RK3054 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ223V
R62 RK3038 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ102V
RF Unit
Ref No Parts No. Description Parts Name Ver Ref No Parts No. Description Parts Name Ver
R63 RK3054 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ223V R130 RK0105 Chip R. ERJ6GEYJ2R2V
R64 RK3054 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ223V R131 RK3030 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ221V
R65 RK3042 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ222V R132 RK3034 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ471V
R66 RK3046 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ472V R133 RK3050 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ103V
R67 RK3058 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ473V R134 RK3045 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ392V
R68 RK3064 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ154V R135 RK3051 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ123V
R69 RK3046 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ472V R136 RK3054 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ223V
R70 RK3034 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ471V Wide R137 RK3042 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ222V
R70 RK3034 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ471V Narrow R141 RK3001 Chip R. ERJ3GSY0R00V
R71 RK3042 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ222V TC1 CT0033 Trimmer ECRJA010A11W
R72 RK3065 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ184V Wide VR1 RH0106 Trim.Pot EVM1YSX50BQ4
(R72) CU3059 Chip C. C1608JF1E104ZT-N Narrow VR2 RH0103 Trim.Pot EVM1YSX50B14
R73 RK3006 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ2R2V VR3 RV0017 Trim.Pot RK09711-10KA-SW
R74 RK3046 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ472V VR4 RV0018 Trim.Pot RK09711-10KB
R75 RK3042 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ222V W1 MRCJ06AA Wire DJ145
R76 RK3046 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ472V W2 MWCK06AA Wire DJ145
R80 RK3042 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ222V W3 MKCJH3AA Wire DJ145
R81 RK3064 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ154V W4 UX1033 Wire DJ145
R82 RK3054 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ223V X1 XQ0053 Crystal UM-1 21,855MHz
R83 RK3054 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ223V X2 XK0002 Discriminator CDBM455C7
R84 RK3054 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ223V X3 XQ0052 Crystal UM-5 12.800MHz
R85 RK3050 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ103V XF1 XF0011 Crystal Filter 2l.400MHz 21M15B1 Wide
R86 RK3050 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ103V XF1 XF0023 Crystal Filter 2l.400MHz 21M7B1 Narrow
R87 RK3050 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ103V TT1002 Tube
R88 RK3044 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ332V
R89 RK3042 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ222V
R90 RK3022 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ470V
R91 RK3034 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ471V
R92 RK3038 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ102V
R93 RK3074 Chip R. ERJ3G3YJ105V
R94 RK3042 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ222V
R95 RK3026 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ101V
R96 RK3026 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ101V
R97 RK3026 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ101V
R99 RK3062 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ104V
R100 RK3054 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ223V
R101 RK3034 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ471V
R102 RK3038 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ102V
R110 RK3051 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ123V
R111 RK3058 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ473V
R112 RK3020 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ330V
R113 RK3057 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ393V
R114 RK3050 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ103V
R115 RK3062 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ104V
R116 RK3062 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ104V
R117 RK3050 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ103V
R118 RK3051 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ123V
R119 RK3062 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ104V
R120 RK3054 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ223V
R122 RK3050 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ103V
R123 RK3050 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ103V
R124 RK3056 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ333V
R125 RK3061 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ823V
R126 RK3061 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ823V
R127 RK3050 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ103V
R128 RK3066 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ224V
R129 RK3058 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ473V Page-36
VCO Unit / CTCSS Unit
Ref No Parts No. Description Parts Name Ver Ref No Parts No. Description Parts Name Ver
VCO Unit CTCSS Unit UP0221 1400A
C201 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A C701 CU3027 Chip C. C1608CH1H221JT-A
C202 CU3047 Chip C. C1608JB1H103KT-A C702 CU3027 Chip C. C1608CH1H221JT-A
C203 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A C703 CU3059 Chip C. C1608JF1E104ZT-A
C204 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A C704 CU3047 Chip C. C1608JB1H103KT-A
C205 GU3002 Chip C. C1608CH1H010CT-A C705 CS0296 Chip Tantal ECST1EY474R
C206 CU3047 Chip C. C1608JB1H103KT-A C706 CS0296 Chip Tantal ECST1EY474R
C207 CU3047 Chip C. C1608JB1H103KT-A C707 CU3047 Chip C. C1608JB1H103KT-A
C208 CU3047 Chip C. C1608JB1H103KT-A C708 CU3059 Chip C. C1608JF1E104ZT-A
C209 CU3047 Chip C. C1608JB1H103KT-A C709 CU3059 Chip C. C1608JF1E104ZT-A
C210 CS0328 Chip Tantal ECST0JY685R C710 CU3059 Chip C. C1608JF1E104ZT-A
C211 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A C711 CS0296 Chip Tantal ECST1EY474R
C212 CU3035 Chip C. C1608JB1H102KT-A CN701 UE0133 Connector DF9A-11P-1V
C213 CU3003 Chip C. C1608CH1H020CT-A D701 XD0057 Diode 1SS184TE85L
C214 CU3002 Chip C. C1608CH1H010CT-A IC701 XA0203 IC MX365ADW-TR
C215 CU3047 Chip C. C1608JB1H103KT-A Q701 XT0037 Transistor 2SC2412KT146R
C216 CU3047 Chip C. C1608JB1H103KT-A R701 RK3074 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ105V
D201 XD0233 Diode 1SV217TPH4 R702 RK3064 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ154V
D202 XD0233 Diode 1SV217TPH4 R703 RK3040 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ152V
D203 XD0233 Diode 1SV217TPH4 R704 RK3034 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ471V
L201 QC0010 Chip L. MLF3216E100M R705 RK3067 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ274V
L202 QC0010 Chip L. MLF3216E100M R706 RK3059 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ563V
L203 QC0090 Chip L. MLF3216E4R7M R707 RK3074 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ105V
L204 QC0003 Chip L. MLF3216A1R0M R708 RK3073 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ824V
L205 QA0081 IFT QA0081 R709 RK3038 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ102V
L206 QKA25C Coil MR2.5-2.5T-0.5 R710 RK3070 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ474V
Q201 XT0030 Transistor 2SC3356T1BR24/25 R711 RK3054 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ223V
Q202 XT0096 Transistor 2SC4099T106N R712 RK3040 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ152V
Q203 XT0095 Transistor 2SC4081T106R VR701 RH0060 Trim.Pot MVR32 HXBRN473
Q204 XU0038 Transistor UN2214-TX X701 XB0006 Crystal CSB1000J 221
R201 RK3026 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ101V YZ0042 Adhesion G17
R202 RK3034 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ471V
R203 RK3038 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ102V
R204 RK3062 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ104V
R205 RK3062 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ104V
R206 RK3050 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ103V
R207 RK3046 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ472V
R208 RK3026 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ101V
R209 RK3022 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ470V
R210 RK3054 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ223V
R211 RK3050 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ103V
R212 RK3030 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ221V
R213 RK3062 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ104V
R214 RK3050 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ103V
R215 RK3050 Chip R. ERJ3GSYJ103V
UT0019 CK-1-2
TS0072 VCO Case
PTT SW Unit/JACK Unit /RE Unit
Ref No Parts No. Description Parts Name Ver Ref No Parts No. Description Parts Name Ver
PTT SW Unit ROM2 Unit
SW301 UU0013 Switch SKHUAB CN801 UE0132 Connector DF9A-9P-1V
SW302 UU0013 Switch SKHUAB IC801 XA0200 IC X24C04S14-3.0T (EJ-14u)
SW303 UU0013 Switch SKHUAB IC801 XA0201 IC X24C16S-3.0T (EJ.15u)
CN501 UE0147 Connector TE 1608-PI28G05 R801 RK3062 Chip R. ERF3GSYJ104V
JACK Unit R802 RK3062 Chip R. ERF3GSYJ104V
JK501 UJ0022 Jack HSJ112-01-540 HK0284 Carton Box EJ-14u
JK502 UJ0016 Jack HSJ1423-01-050 HK0285 Carton Box EJ-15u
R501 RK4051 Chip R. ERJ-14YS101V HP0029 Protection Bag
RE Unit UP0220B CPU P.C.B.
UR0007 RK09710HH5RH 220 YZ0121 Tape
OTHERS Packing
AB0011 3+8FeNi AK0004 4PCS 0B2+3FeB/C
AK0001 0B2+4FeNi DS0357 Model Name Plate DJ-18 T
AK0002 0B2+4FeB/C DS0388A Model Name Plate page39
AV0004 0B26+6FeNi DS0340 Model Name plate
AN0012 Dial Nut EA57 Antenna M Low band EApage39
AP0016 P2+8FeB/C EA58 Antenna M high band EApage39
C1 CC0119 CeramicC. 50V22PF CH EBP26N Ni-Cd(EG0016) page39
DP0063 LCD Panel EDC-49 Charger (EJ0007) page39
DP0111 LCD Panel AN/QN EDC-50 Charger (EJ0008) page39
ES0011AZ Speaker 036S13D FG0096 Model Name Rubber
FG0076 Battery Rubber HK0280 Item Carton Box DJ-180TDJ180
FG0092 Silicone Key 1 (T/E) DJ180 HK0287 Item CartonBox DJ1400 DJ1400
FG0093 Silicone Key 2 (T/E) DJ180 HM0100 Carton Box
FG0094 Jack Cap HU0037 Fixture
FG0095 PTT Rubber KM0137 Switch Cover DJ180
FG0097 VOL Rubber HP0016