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File No. 8360-36
Form C28-6S4l-l OS

Systems Refl!rence Library

IBM System/360 Operating System
Control Program Services

This publication describes the use of
system macro-instructions that request the
supervisor, data management, and TESTRAN
services of the System/360 control program.
It also presents the linkage conventions
that have beE:!D established for use in the
System/360 Operating System.
MAJOR REVISION (April, 1966)
This edition, Form C28-6541-1, obsoletes Form C28-6541-0 and all earlier
editions. In addition to incorporating information released in Techni-
cal Newsletters N28-2112 and N28-2113, significant changes have been
made to the section "Exceptional Condition Handling" and to the Queued
and Basic Indexed Sequential Access Methods. This new edition should be
reviewed in its entirety.

This publication was prepared for production using an IBM computer to
update the text and to control the page and line format. Page
impressions for photo-offset printing were obtained from an IBM 1403
Printer using a special print chain.

Copies of this and other IBM publications can be obtained through IBM
Branch Offices.

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