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Schematics for the Optiquest VCDTS22355-6M
Also know as the Q71-6.

Viewsonic made several different versions of the Optiquest Q71.
The version is the dash number at the end of the model number.
Each model number has a different schematic.

Model number Also known as Manufacture around
VCDTS21348-1M and -2M Q71-1 and Q71-2 1997
VCDTS21467-3M and -4M Q71-3 amd Q71-4 1999
VCDTS21569-5M Q71-5 2000
VCDTS22355-6M Q71-6 2001

The Q71-3/-4 and the Q71-5 look alike externally and are electronically similar internally.
The Q71-6 is completely different externally and internally from prior models.

The schematic were saved in 2 color (b&w) TIFF format.
2 color TIFF compresses to a very small size. Even smaller than JPG.
It is possible to put a lot of information is a very small file.

Q71-6_scheme.TIF Entire schematic on one page
Q71-6_UL.TIF Upper Left quarter of schematic
Q71-6_UR.TIF Upper Right quarter of schematic
Q71-6_LL.TIF Lower Left quarter of schematic
Q71-6_LR.TIF Lower Right quarter of schematic
Q71-6_block.TIF Block diagram of the monitor
Q71-6_parts.RTF Parts list in Rich Text Format (RTF)
Q71-6_misc.RTF Miscellaneous information about the Q71-6 in RTF format

The four quarter images were designed to be printer on standard 8.5x11 paper in landscape mode.
The four sections can be taped together to make a large paper schematic.