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Charge storage Tube
Electrostatic Deflection " Singl e-Beam, Barri er-Gr i d Type 12-7/32" Max. Length
Electrostatic Focus Non-Equi librium Writing and' 3.35" Max. Diameter
Capacitance-Discha~ge Reading

RCA-6499 is a charge,storage tube of the . layer,'a backing-electrode, and a collector, as
barrier-grid type intended. f6r use in a variety shown in Fig.l. The barrier grid consists of a
fine meih screen very closely spaced to or in
of information-processing'systems. Information
contact with the gun side of the dielectric
in digital or analogue form layer. On the opposite side of the layer and in
may be introduced to the contact with i t i s placed the backing-electrode
act i ve elements of the tube, which consists of a metal disc. The dielectric
stored for a period of time layer has high insulating qualities and amaximum
secondary-emission ratio greater than unity. The
controllable from micro-
barrier grid, the dielectric layer, and the back-
seconds to. mi nutes, and then ing-electrode are collectively referred to as
extracted at a rate the same the "target" for convenience in ~iplaining the
as or' di'fferent from the operating principles of the 6499. The collector
writin'g rate. is a conductive coating on the inside wall of
the large part of