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File No. S370-30

Systems OS/VS2 Access Method Services
Release 3.R
This publication was produced using the
IBM Document Composition Facility
(program number 5748-XX9)
and the master was printed on the
IBM 3800 Printing Subsystem.

Fourth Edition (October 1980)
This is a major revision of, and makes obsolete, GC26-3841-2.
This edition applies to Release 1.0 of Data Facillty/Device
Support~ Program Product 5740-AM7, as well as to Release 3.8 of
OS/VS2 MVS, and to any subsequent releases until otherwise
indicated in new editions or technical newsletters.
The changes for this edition are summarized under "Summary of
Amendments" following the preface. Specific changes are
indicated by a vertical bar to the left of the change. These
bars will be deleted at any subsequent republication of the page
affected. Editorial changes that have no technical significance
are not noted.
Changes are periodically made to the information herein; before
using this pUblication in connection with the operation of IBM
systems, consult the latest IBM System/370 and 4300 Processors
Bibliography, GC20-0001, for the editions that are applicable
and current.
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