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IBM 6360 Diskette Unit
IBM 6580 Display Station
The drawings and specifications contained herein shall not be SAFETY PRECA UTIONS
reproduced in whole or in part without written permission.
All IBM Customer Service Representatives are expected to
IBM has prepared this maintenance manual for the use of take every safety precaution possible and observe the follow-
IBM Customer Service Representatives in the installation, ing saftey practices when servicing IBM equipment.
maintenance and repair of the specific machines indicated.
IBM makes no representations that it is suitable for any other Mechanical Safety:
1. Safety glasses must be worn.
Information contained in this manual is subject to change 2. All safety devices, such as guards, shields, signs, ground
from time to time. Any such change will be reported in subse- wires, etc., must be restored after maintenance. When a
quent revisions or distributed through Customer Engineering guard or shield is removed to observe or make an adjust-
Memorandums (CEMs) to all subscribers. ment, that shield must be replaced when work in the area
is completed.
Requests for copies of IBM publications should be made to 3. Watches, rings, necklaces, ID bracelets, etc., must be
your IBM representative or to the IBM Branch Office servic- removed when servicing the machine.
ing your locality. 4. Care must be used when working near moving parts.
Keep hair away from moving parts. Avoid wearing loose
Comments about the publications may be addressed to (IBM clothing that might be caught in the machine. Shirt
Corporation, 740 New Circle Road N.W., Publications sleeves must be kept buttoned or rolled above the elbows.
Department 901, Lexington, Ky. 40511). IBM may use or Ties must be tucked in the shirt or have a tie clasp approx-
distribute any of the information you supply in any way it imately three inches from the end. Tie chains are not
believes appropriate without incurring any obligation recommended.
whatever. You may, of course, continue to use the informa-
tion you supply.
Electrical Safety:
"It is possible that this material may contain reference to, or 1. The equipment referenced in this manual may use high
information about, IBM products (machines and programs), voltages. Check voltage labels!
programming, or services that are not announced in your 2. Safety glasses must be worn when checking energized
country. Such references or information must not be con- circuits.
strued to mean that IBM intends to announce such IBM 3. I f a circuit is disconnected for servicing or parts replace-
products, programming, or services in your country." ment, it must be reconnected and tested before allowing
the use of the machine.
"IBM, " "Executive," "IBM EXECUTARY," and "Selec- 4. Power should be removedIrom the machine for servicing
tric" are registered trademarks of the IBM Corporation. whenever possible. Remember, when checking voltages,
avoid contacting ground potential, such as metal floor