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Site MasterTM Certified
Line Sweep Training Course

Specialized Site MasterTM Who Should Attend
Line Sweep Training Anritsu's Certified
An intense two-day instructor led training course Line Sweeping Training?
that focuses on RF line sweep theory and technology.
Wireless Carriers
Hands-on: Learn by doing the task and not Base Station OEMs
by watching. 50% of the course is hands-on.
Tower Companies
Critical Emphasis: Fine tune the points and Field Engineers
techniques that are of particular importance to
your operations. Our skilled instructors and staff Installers
can tailor the module to meet your requirements. Site Managers
Cost Savings: Eliminate or significantly reduce
your travel expenses because training sessions
You Will Learn
are offered in a location close to you. Technical aspects of line sweeping
Schedule: Training sessions can be easily How to set up a line sweep
scheduled months in advance. Get more How cable length, cable type, and system
specific details regarding class location, including components affect line sweep measurements
information on discounts or having a dedicated
training session at your company site. How to use DTF to get accurate and meaningful
distance to fault results
I Contact us directly: How to identify, locate, document and
Email us at [email protected] resolve cable line transmission faults
Register on-line at www.us.anritsu.com/training
or contact one of our distributors:

I Hutton Communications,
(877) 648-8866 ext. 0196
I Primus Electronics,
(800) 435-1636
I Talley Communications,
(800) 949-7079
I Tessco,
(800) 472-7373

S331D Site Master SiteMaster
MS2712 MS2711D Spectrum Master SpectrumMaster
MS2712 MT8212A Cell Master CellMaster

SiteMaster SpectrumMaster CellMaster
Yes! Sign up now for
the Site MasterTM Certified
Line Sweep Training Course...
Site MasterTM Course Fees (call for pricing): Lab 1: Basic Setup and
Measurements (Instructor-led)
Line Sweep Two day Specialized Site Master
Line Sweep Course (at a location
Site Master Functions and
Certification near you) Calibration
Everyone who passes the Site Two day Specialized Site Master Performing Return Loss/VSWR
Master Line Sweep Certification Line Sweep Course (at your location) and Insertion Loss
Exam will receive a Site Master Distance to Fault Setup
Certificate of Completion, along Day 1 - Classroom (8.5 hrs):
with a photo ID card, which demon- Lab 2: Basic Setup and
strates that you have acquired the Measurements (Self-paced)
Lecture 1: Introduction to
necessary skills and knowledge of Line Sweeping Additional Practice of Basic
Site Master operation and RF line Measurements
sweep training. What is a Line Sweep?
Recognizing the Difference
The last four hours of the class Understanding Return Loss Between Passing and Failing
are used for taking the hands-on andVSWR Systems
practical exam, and the written Impedance and Impedance Using Distance to Fault to
exam. In the hands-on exam, Matching Locate Problems
students will be required to Understanding Insertion Loss
troubleshoot faults in a given Lecture 4: Trace Interpretation
cable transmission line, and Lecture 2: System Components Review of the Different Types
measure system parameters. and Performance of Measurements
Transmission Lines Interpretation of Test Results
What You Get: Connectors
Course Manual Calculating Insertion Loss Day 2 Morning - Classroom (4 hrs):
Certificate of Completion and Quality of Installation Lecture 5: Handheld Software Tools
Photo ID Card (upon passing Causes of Impedance Mismatch Downloading Plots to PC
the exams) in Transmission Line Systems
Using HHST to Process and
Lecture 3: Line Sweeping Save Data
Non-Product Fundamentals
Lab 3: Antennna Characterization
Specific Training Understanding How to Perform
Basic Measurements Lab 4: Additional Troubleshooting
Specialized Site Master Line Sweep Distance to Fault and System Verification
Training discusses the various Use of Precision Components
technologies and methodologies (Open/Short/Load) Day 2 Afternoon:
of line sweeping including FDR. Important Setup Considerations Hands-on Practical and Written Exams
Specialized Site Master Line Sweep
Training also discusses the different Cancellation Policy:
types of test equipment that can be
used for line sweeping without being Contact Distributors for Policy.
vendor specific.
However, for the purpose of
consistency for hands-on labs
and examinations, only Site Master
products will be used.
United States & Canada (800) ANRITSU
South America 55 (21) 2527-6922