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General Information Manual
PERT ... a dynamic project
planning & control method
General Information Manual
PERT ... a dynamic project planning
and control method

Most of the illustrations and much of the information appearing in this
manual were made available to the IBM Corporation by the U. S. Navy
Special Projects Office in Washington, D. C.

Other material resulted from meetings with personnel from U. S. Naval
Air Development Center, Johnsville, Pennsylvania; Headquarters Air
Force Systems Command, Washington, D. C. ; Air Force Systems
Command, Dayton, Ohio; Aero Jet-General, Sacramento, California;
Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc., Santa Monica, California; General
Electric, Utica, New York; Lockheed Missile System Division, Sunnyvale,
California; North American Aviation, Inc., Los Angeles, California.

Queries concerning this publication should be directed to the IBM
Technical Publications Department, 112 East Post Road, White Plains,
New York.