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1. 19k Dual Burner
2. Glide rack

1. 18k Dual Burner
2. Split Rack


1 2 3 4 13 14

5 6 7 8 15
18 19
9 10 11 12

Activate the convection baking for large amounts of food on multiple racks.
Activates the convection roast function. Use this function to cook large cuts of meat.
Bake food evenly using the lower oven burner.
Broil food using the upper oven burner only.
Recall the healthy cooked recipe setting of the oven.
Switch between baking mode and convection baking mode.

Burn off food residues at very high temperatures.
Activate the pads and functions on the display.
Set the oven to start and stop at a certain time.
Set the cook time.
Use to activate the temp probe mode.
Tap the numbers to set the time, temperature and the preset.
Set the clock time.
Use to bring up the user preference menu in the display.
16. OFF/CLEAR : Cancel the current operation but not the timer. Lock the control panel and the door to prevent accidents.
17. START/SET : Start operation, or set the time.
Activate/deactivate the timer.
Turn on/off the oven light.


Make sure all surface burners are positioned and assembled properly.

1. Push in and turn the control knob to the LITE position. You will hear a "clicking" sound indicating the electronic ignition
system is working properly.

electronic ignition system.

If the control knob is left in the Lite position, the electronic ignition system will continue to click and spark. It is not
recommended to operate any surface burner in the Lite position, since all electronic igniters spark at the same time.


The 5,000 BTU burner provides precise cook easy assembly and accurate 9500 5000
and dependable operation. The different burner sizes ensure you have BTU BTU
cooking performance for delicate foods and foods that require low heat for 9500
long cooking times. The 5,000 BTU burner allows the LO setting to be used BTU
for a very low simmer setting. 15,000 19,000
The 9,500 BTU and 15,000 BTU round burners are general-purpose burn-
ers that can be used for most cooking. The HI to LO settings provide a wide
range of cooking temperatures to meet your cooking needs.

burners, but they are designed to provide quick heat to large cookware.

The 9,500 BTU center oval burner can also be used for large pots and pans, but is designed to
be used with the center burner grate and/or the center griddle accessory. The oval burner also
spreads out the heat more evenly over the large center cooking area.
Each surface burner has a control knob with settings from HI to LO. They also have a Lite set-

The electronic ignition system sparks when the control knob is in the Lite position.
The surface burner indicator next to the control knob shows which burner the knob controls.

NX58H9950WS NX58H9500WS
Colour Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Control Type - Oven Glass Touch Glass Touch
Control Type - Cooktop Weighted Knob Weighted Knob
Display Type VFD VFD
Display Color Ice Blue Ice Blue
BackGuard Color Stainless Stainless


Convection Bake
Convection Roast
Auto Oven Light Yes Yes
Manual On/Off Light Switch Yes Yes
Favorite Cook Yes Yes
Clock 12HR / 24HR 12HR / 24HR
Numeric Pad 0~9 0~9
Delay Start Yes Yes
Timer Yes Yes
Keep Warm Yes Yes
Child Lock Yes Yes
6 6

Grilled chicken, Salmon Grilled chicken, Salmon

NX58H9950WS NX58H9500WS
Cooktop Type Stainless steel Stainless steel
Number of Burners 5 5
58,000 57,000

5,000 5,000
15,000 15,000
9,500 9,500
9,500 9,500
Center Oval Yes Yes
Sealed Burner Yes Yes
Grate Matte Black continuous grate Matte Black continuous grate
Convection/Element Wattage Fan True convection Fan True convection
5.8 5.8
Broiler Gas Gas
Bake Burner 18,000 18,000
Broil Burner 16,500 16,500
1 Incandescent 40W / Back 1 Incandescent 40W / Back
# of Oven Racks 3 3
# of Rack Positions 7 7
Rack Finish Chrome Chrome
Door Material STSS + Glass STSS + Glass
Door Handle Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Number of Glass 3 3
Window Size W